Turning Bits and Bytes into Business Value

Introducing Orchestrated Engineering to transform businesses into highly performing enterprises.

Qentelli is praised to be the first technology firm to focus on Continuous Delivery through Orchestrated Engineering. From digitally transforming the time-honored corporate giants to streamlining and strengthening the endeavors of digital natives, the capabilities of our collective efforts stretch a long way. Having innovation at the heart of the business culture, Qentelli makes the most of Quality Intelligence, Quality Engineering, and DevOps practices to transform businesses digitally and strategically.

Qentelli is formed with an objective to make Intelligent Quality Engineering a reality to deliver future-ready applications that can serve the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity expected from today’s businesses.


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Our Vision and Mission

‘PEOPLE’ – Our Key Assets

Living across the demographic bridges, working on multitudes of technologies, Qentellects are passionate people working in multiple teams sharing one objective.