Need of the hour

In the thick of the information age, we’re having an extremely hard time coping with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Modernity is human’s large-scale domination of the environment, the systematic smoothing of the world’s jaggedness, and the stifling of volatility and stressors. There is, in the Black Swan zone, a limit to knowledge that can never be reached, no matter how sophisticated statistical and risk management science ever gets. Our sophistication continuously puts us ahead of ourselves, creating things we are less and less capable of understanding.

Antifragility is the need of the hour, to build the capability to not just survive but thrive when put under stress and volatility. Here is our e-book which talks about the application of Antifragility to the Information Technology Industry.

Chapters Include:

  • Introduction to Antifragility
  • Need for Antifragility in the Information Technology Industry
  • How can Organizations, Teams, Processes, and Systems adapt Antifragility?
  • Various aspects of modern IT systems and how they can grow beyond resilience
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