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Prasanna Singaraju

Prasanna Singaraju

Chief Digital Innovation Officer (CDIO)

Prasanna Singaraju is the CDIO and CoFounder of Qentelli. 

With over 12 years in the industry, Prasanna is a Thought Leader in Quality Engineering having helped several enterprises adopt QE, DevOps, innovative solutions to harness the power of Big Data, continuous integration and continuous delivery across the application stack, including web, mobile, packaged etc.

Prasanna's core philosophy that Business Assurance is driven by Quality Assurance, has ensured a bridged gap between Business and IT Service Delivery teams through evangelization of unique and pragmatic solutions that yield early and sustained business value. 

Prasanna holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications Engineering from Vishweswariah Technological University and a Master of Science from Southern Methodist University. 

Role Of DevOps In Digital Transformation
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Role Of DevOps In Digital Transformation
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March 24, 2020
Enterprises are advancing in their digital mandates. They are digitizing operations and the customer experience ...