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Ayn Rand, an author that inspired a few generations said, “The Hardest Thing To Explain Is The Glaringly Evident Which Everybody Has Decided Not To See”. It got me thinking and I said out aloud, Man! That is so true! The most complex problems have a solution so simple that it makes everyone wonder and exclaim, well! It can’t be that simple now! Or Can It?

The simplicity of the solution shouldn’t take its ingenuity or the complexity of the problem away. In fact it actually takes a lot more effort to break down the complexity of the problem, look at it objectively, and ending up with a clear and seemingly simple solution.

At Qentelli, We believe we will change the world we touch – The world of Information Technology through simple solutions that address the root of the problem through Engineering and the core philosophies of Software Engineering.

How did we do it? Simple, We chose not to ignore the glaringly obvious! The simplicity of our solutions comes from the algorithms and processes that we have developed, several of which are patent pending. We chose to view, conceptualize, visualize and build solutions that address the root of the problem rather than fixing an issue in a silo.

For instance, one question that will stay as long as Software Applications will be built is, what to and how much to test? For those that are responsible for release decision-making, this is a very complex question.

To address this, we went back to the drawing board and simplified the thought process, brought clarity and objectivity into the mix thus breaking down the complexity of the problem. The solution though, is simple. The key ingredients behind the complex looking algorithm are requirement traceability, root cause analysis, historical information from prior QA cycles, and release intelligence from previous versions of the software application.

The year that was, was exciting. We engineered a novel metric tracking mechanism, developed processes to reduce effort in QA cycles and framework accelerators that assure quality and predict the future of quality within an enterprise. The year is barely a couple weeks old; we present ourselves to the world today and with it promise that through innovation in Engineering, we will solve the most complex Quality Problems in the Software / IT world through ingeniously simple solutions, even if people keep saying “Really? Is that it?”

Steve Jobs, one of the most inspiring Entrepreneurs of our generation once said, “Simple Can be harder than complex; You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make complex simple”. He couldn’t have said it better even if he tried!

Like it or not, the most complex problems are often addressed by a simple solution.

Intelligent Quality Engineering is what we stand for! Qentelli is our name! Here’s to the promise of an exciting year in software engineering, Let’s innovate, The Qentelli Way!


The Founders at Qentelli!

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