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An end-to-end Testing and QA automation solution for a Telecom giant

QA Transformation
Posted On 12 May 2020

Building a progressive testing solution and automate it for the client who operates in various geographical locations through very elaborated complex applications

Business Vertical:

Tele communications



Size of the firm:


Main Challenge:

QA Automation and End-to-end Testing


The Client who is an 85+ year-old telecom service firm operates its business in 29 Different Regions/Markets, out of which Operations in 4 Markets to be a taken over by a different organization due to which business demanded separate production systems for these two segments 25 markets and 4 markets respectively. Qentelli partnered with the client to provide an end-to-end solution for validating all the systems for the aforementioned markets which includes System Testing, Integration Testing, Data Validation, Business Rules Testing, Test Automation.

challenges on QA automation
Solutions Proposed

Solutions Proposed

Qentelli has partnered for QA automation and end-to-end Testing, where we have provided complete solution. Some of the key activities are

What Qentelli Did


We have employed Accelerators for faster script development


Enabled high reusability, low maintenance, and ease of enhancement


Ensured all the interactions are validated through third-party applications


Designed the test suite, automation solution approach and architecture framework

Qentelli has implemented Automation framework for end-to-end order processing that addresses following business functions of their Residential/Business/Wholesale business models:

New order installation / change order

Service termination / Cancellation

Inventory Management


Facility Assignment

Bill Processing

Payment Processing and Collection

Troubles in ticket creation

Tech Stack



Proven savings of up to 50%

Proven savings of up to 50% across business lines over an ROI period of 8 months.

Reduced time to market and cost of testing

Reduced time to market and cost of testing, cost optimization, and faster testing.

Smooth transition and seamless operations

Smooth transition and seamless operations in the newly acquired market.



more ROI

3 times

faster Time to Market