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Making an eCommerce Giant Ops Optimized and Eco-Conscious

Value Stream Visualization
Posted On 03 May 2023

Bringing visibility by correlating data from engineering and supply chain pipelines from across the globe.

Business Vertical:




Size of the firm:


Main Challenge:

Gaining operational visibility and have actionable insights.


The client is an American eCommerce firm focused on handmade goods and craft supplies. They are operating in 4 countries across the globe as a marketplace and have a massive online presence with over 400M visits on their website in year 2022 alone.


The client’s vision is to emerge as a technology company by constantly transforming their platforms. But their platforms are being developed and handled by teams that are scattered across the globe, working in different time zones. The head of transformation programs wants to evaluate the current models and improve the development practices and supply chain processes with added stress on timely delivery, cost reduction, customer satisfaction, and energy efficiency.

With over a million sellers and 10 million buyers across the globe, the client is running a vast supply chain network, which they want to optimize with a goal to become carbon neutral.

Solution Focused

Solution Proposed

As the client approached Qentelli, we did a detailed analysis, and our team realized each engineering team across the globe is using distinct set of tech stack to perform their tasks and correlating data from each dashboard manually for regular reporting. The client is making significant investments on its digital transformation programs yet there is no single source of truth for decision making. So, we proposed:

What Qentelli did

We started the process by mapping their value streams – how information and material flow. Followed by:

In no time, the client’s transformation team learned to customize their TED dashboards for their changing business goals and tech stacks.

Tech Stack



faster Cycle Time


faster bottleneck identification


process visibility


improvement in ESG goals

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