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Digitally transforming an international power network platform

Digital Innovation
Posted On 24 May 2020

Qentelli has partnered with the client for Engineering Transformation where we have re-architected their entire legacy portal.

Business Vertical:

Premium Business Networking



Size of the firm:


Main Challenge:

Engineering Transformation


In this Digital Transformation Case Study, we showcase how Qentelli has re-architected an earlier version of the client application which was built on a Monolithic Platform. With the old application, each improvement or change would take about 5X time to deploy into the production.

Provisioning and maintaining high available environments for business continuity turned challenging.

The application is used across globe in over 130 countries. So, we were looking at a plethora of customizations for each improvement.

The older version of the application used WCF web services. So, there were challenges in terms of Data Security, RESTful services, and Data Representations.

challenges on Digitally transforming an international power network platform
Solutions Proposed - Digitally transforming an international power network platform

Solutions Proposed

Refreshing and Redesigning UI/UX

Rearchitected the entire portal with focus on user experience at the core

Omni-platform experience

We did leverage modern technologies to ensure cross-browser and multi-screen compatibility across devices

Automation and DevOps

Enabled application development, security, infrastructure as code, and operations into a continuous, end-to-end, highly automated delivery cycle

What Qentelli Did

The project kick-started with a team of 5 including digital transformation consultants analyzed the existing system and value stream. Recrafted Customer Experience based on new personification. Roped in Project management teams, prepared new product visualizations and fixed support systems. Followed by a full-stack application re-engineering in bottom-up direction, 24X7 customer and corporate help desk were established with Customer Interfacing Teams equipped with new tools. Launched a beta version along with the old systems. Now with a team that has over 60 professionals, we are rolling over the new system on a phase-wise module.

Digitally transforming


Re-architected the entire backend using Microservices, Cloud-enablement, and Serverless architecture


Designed the user stories with member centricity


Data store implementation for Microservices and GoldenGate SQL synchronization


Architecture redesign from scratch with an event-driven approach


Modular UI designs across Application screens, Application actions and Application components & configuration


Artificial Intelligence using that consumes data across the various data sources in the application to enable predictions and recommendations for the members of the portal

Tech Stack



Digitally transforming an international

Member-centric Approach

enhanced member experience consistently across all touchpoints and channels of interaction

international Digitally transforming

Increased number of deployments

helped decrease the change failure rate

Digitally transforming

Reduction in Operational Cost

by introducing on-demand environments

Digitally transforming - power network platform

Analytics-driven Design

covered all member interactions and formerly unstructured sources into a useful, actionable format to optimise customer experiences


Improvement in MTTR (Mean Time to Recovery) over 6 months

< 5 mins

Deployments. Earlier, it was between 30 mins to a few hours


Lesser production leakage over 6 months

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