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An America-based restaurant chain with world-wide presence

QA Transformation
Posted On 20 May 2020

Qentelli had introduced and successfully implemented QA automation across the client’s applications to transform their software testing life cycle.

Business Vertical:

Restaurant chain



Size of the firm:


Main Challenge:

QA Transformation


Client had a legacy monolith POS windows-based application that is deployed across 15000+ stores around the globe. Testing was a nightmare and took about 6-8 weeks for each test cycle.

An e-Commerce application catering 84+ countries needed to be tested with multiple languages and multitude of configurations.

A POS Application where multiple automation initiatives went into vain.

A well-executed classic ‘Shift-left’
Solutions Proposed - A well-executed classic ‘Shift-left’

Solutions Proposed

Qentelli’s proposed solution was to standardize the software test lifecycle and it is spread across 4 key areas.

A well-executed classic ‘Shift-left’ details

What Qentelli Did

Qentelli have partnered for QA Transformation where we have


Used PowerShell scripts plugged into Jenkins for maintaining the state of environments after deploying new builds.


Created Cucumber scenarios to handle multiple configurations and markets at a time for
E-Commerce application.


Built a wrapper along with a layer for computer vision algorithms using Sikuli for automating image tagging and object detection for POS application.


Enterprise Dashboard with necessary KPIs across programs baked into TED (Qentelli’ s Engineering Dashboard).


Design test framework in JavaScript using Cucumber

Some of the key highlights of the solutions are

Some of the key highlights of the solutions

Tech Stack


Operational cost reduced

Operational cost reduced by streamlining the QA Team

CI-CD reduced the deployment cycles

CI-CD reduced the deployment cycles and reduced manual intervention

Test efforts expansion

Test efforts expansion

Code and Test coverage expansion

Code and Test coverage expansion

Improved customer satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction
and growth in revenue

Faster releases & quicker deployment

Faster releases & quicker deployment

Improved Quality

Improved Quality


Test cases per day


Test case were automated


Test coverage improvement

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