Continuous Delivery

A unique approach that brings best of breed practices from TDD/ATDD for Continuous Development, Continuous Integration and Business Process driven early automation to trigger Continuous Testing and designed to include early Non Functional Engineering through Continuous Performance and Security Engineering ensure higher quality applications to start with and to Continuously deploy. Our Continuous Testing is built to enable Continuous Feedback (Functional and Real User Experience) and Continuous Monitoring on Production systems, with a feedback loop straight into the planning phase. DevOps is really TestdevsupOps at Qentelli; Our Continuous Delivery approach is thus really, Orchestrated Engineering.

Value Add and Service Highlights

  • nTelli Grid – Orchestration Engine for the entire lifecycle
  • QAI Suite – Artificial Intelligence Suite for the DevOps Chain
  • The Qentelli Way
  • Automated First Approach - Early automation
  • Non-functional Engineering (Performance and Security)
  • In-Sprint automation for the agile teams
  • Service virtualization – Eliminate those wait times
  • Service and SOA Testing integrated into overall test approach
  • TED – Metrics Engine for Lifecycle Metrics