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Fulfilment of basic needs
is the first step to open
these young kids’ minds to a good education

Education is the journey through which an individual defines their life. It is a powerful tool that shapes lives and empowers communities. Resonating with the idea of changing the world through education, we decided to adopt a primary school that caters to the kids of underprivileged and low-income families. This school is at the centre of the city, and just crossing the street will take you to the flourishing corporate hub, surrounded by corporate offices and skyscrapers, illustrating the dichotomy of our world.

A government school which serves 250+ students from primary to 5th grade, seemed underfunded and lacked basic amenities as they reached out to us, seeking in restoring their computer lab. We instantly realized they needed more than just replacing machines in the lab, so our team visited the school immediately for a quick survey. We identified the children need cleaner drinking water, functional lab & library, sanitary facilities, and well-trained staff. With limited resources and dried up funds during the pandemic, the condition of the school worsened. The water purifiers were rusted, bathrooms were dilapidated, books in the library had become unusable, there was lack of staff, and the computer room had turned into a storage space, destroying the existing machines.

These conditions were not conducive to a good education and that’s why we decided to do our best to provide the young kids with the right infrastructure that can support their mental growth.

As an organization, we do a lot of CSR activities. But initiatives that support kids and their education are very special to us

- Prasanna Singaraju

Our first step was to paint the school in bright colors to depict the bright future of these students. We also revamped their water system, providing access to clean drinking water. Our engineers also helped install new computer systems and repurpose the whole lab while hiring skilled staff.

We have more plans for the school. Over the year, we aim to make the school look more presentable, so that it is at par with private schools in the area. We would also contribute in their curriculum planning, adding skill-based workshops so that the students have an opportunity to learn new things that will aid their practical education. We have also started working on the sanitation facilities, repairing the washrooms and making them in good shape.

Watching the kids perform at the inauguration ceremony was really heart-warming. I was delighted to see that we are helping improve the education for these kids. It’s our collective responsibility to improve the school’s conditions now.

- Jennifer Innes

Our aim is to enhance the school by covering all the bases- infrastructure, food facilities, education so that the students don’t face any lack in any area and are ready for all the opportunities that come their way. This is just the beginning of our efforts. Watch this space for more updates and see how we transform the school in the most sustainable way.