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Qentelli Digital Dialogs offers latest insights for new-age business leaders in the areas of Software Delivery, Quality Engineering and Agile+DevOps. Our latest content assets help in aligning technologies, processes, and businesses to the new digital realities.


In the thick of the information age, we’re having an extremely hard time coping with the Coronavirus pandemic. Modernity is human’s large-scale domination of the environment, the systematic smoothing of the world’s jaggedness, and the stifling of volatility and stressors. There is, in the Black Swan zone, a limit to knowledge that can never be reached, no matter how sophisticated statistical and risk management science ever gets.

Legacy Platform Re-Architecture for Better Digital Business.

Software has become a key differentiator in almost all businesses. This puts question on continuing with legacy and complex platforms requiring more time to implement changes and more resources with niche and outdated skills to develop.

Best Practices for Quality Engineering

Digital businesses are characterized by their intrinsic ability of delivering quality application and provide flawless experience to the customers whenever they demand. The power lies in the hand of customers and there’s no bargain when it comes to Quality

Quality Engineering improves Customer Experience

With delivery timelines shrinking from months to weeks to days, testing moved from ‘at-the-end’ practice to ‘left’ in the development lifecycle. Testing has evolved to Quality Engineering practices that starts from Day 0 as part of application planning and establishes a continuous feedback loop to resolve issues early in the lifecycle.’

5 steps to start your Journey to

Enterprise Continuous Delivery can be daunting, when you have several teams running at different maturity levels in parallel. A Strategic plan that uses the power of Automation as the engine can help mitigate some of the issues. This handbook unfolds a 5-step process to bring people, processes and tools together to build a sturdy launchpad to take-off on your Continuous Delivery Journey.

Decoding Successful Business Transformation Formula

Digital Transformation is not just about implementing or adopting new technologies. It’s the journey of moving from current and manual business processes to Digital-first methods to deliver changes to the customers rapidly, leveraging existing data residing in the ecosystems for better predictions, exploit new technologies like AI and ML to create lean and automated operations, and free people for more innovative tasks. In our eBook we tell you about proven formula applied by Digital leaders time and again to achieve desired Business Transformation.

REGRESSION TESTING - Definition, Methods, Tools, and Best Practices

Software Testing procedures validate an application on technical and functional grounds. Putting the product through various tests before final deployment ensures is working the same way as it was intended and designed. Regression Testing is a validation methodology to see if the recent code change has made any unwanted impact on the existing functionality of the product. In this eBook, we discuss what the impact of Regression Testing on SDLC, best practices and more.