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Do more with TED

Maximize delivery and predictability by harnessing AI-driven insights that improve planning and eliminate wasted efforts. Unlock thousands of hours of productivity by replacing manual data entry with real-time, cross-tool, cross-team data integration. Learn with videos, explore better and make the most out of TED!

Improve predictability, agility and efficiency in Enterprise IT while creating a culture of continuous learning with TED - The Engineering Dashboard. TED is a leading value stream visualization platform providing organizations with end to end visibility of their software delivery. 

We enable CIOs and Transformation Leaders to align technology and the business with the right metrics and automated workflows to enable more effective enterprise digital transformation and help the organizations React faster to market changes by pinpointing the most critical impediments in end-to-end processes and workflows. 

Check out the video tutorials to help you get started with TED. Make sure you learn the best practices and train yourself to get the most out of TED. We’re working to expand our selection of tutorials, so keep checking back.

Setting Up TED

Everything you need to get started with TED. This video guides you how to set up your TED account in just a few minutes.

Navigating Through TED

With TED’s single interface you can visualize, monitor, optimize, and enhance the performance of value stream. The video demonstrates how to navigate through TED and its sections.

Accessing TED Dashboard

The Dashboard section is where you get structured visualization of your SDLC. This video tutorial shows you how to optimize the end-to-end delivery process in the dashboard section.