Solution Architect

Qentelli is seeking a Solution Architect to untangle and redesign a huge granny old monolithic legacy system. Interesting part is that the new system should be commissioned module by module and legacy system should phase off accordingly. So your design will have a cutting edge future state and a transition state to get there. Implementation now is all Microsoft tech stack and will continue to be on newer Microsoft tech stack. Also there is a critical component of API management to be introduced into the solution. Performance and scalability will be at the center of your solution architecture. Data modelling is one thing that is of super high importance to know.

You’ll have a distributed team with onshore in the US and offshore in India. As a Solution Architect, you should be able to wear multiple hats of working with client on solutioning and getting it implemented by engineering and infrastructure teams that are both onshore and offshore. Right candidate will be awesome at fleshing out and documenting every finer detail of the solution, elaborate at communicating with your teams, disciplined at getting it implemented and passionate for client success.
Creation and implementation of short term and long term technology roadmap.
Design a system to work seamlessly in single tenant on prem/cloud architecture as well as in SaaS architecture.
Experiment and recommend tools and technologies for solving complicated enterprise grade application ecosystem problems.
Solid coding skills to guide teams through massive code refactoring, reviews and improving coding standards across applications.
Manage multiple teams to deliver projects with high quality in a timely order.
Absolute grip on data modelling and data management.
Work with clients of clients to understand on field requirements and engage with multiple corporations to create a solution that can be customized for each one separately.
.NET CORE 2/3, Azure (Functions/Service Fabric), CICD, JavaScript, C#, APIGEE, CONG, Kafka, Cassandra, Jenkins, Visual Studio, REST APIs, Oracle 11/10g and Postgres DB, Java, MSTest, Maven, TestNG

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