Management Team

Voices of leaders

Sanjay Jupudi

Founder & President

‘Not only did I grow up watching business and business models being disrupted by newer technologies but also realized that the only way to survive is to stay innovative and have a team who can take the game forward. That’s how we cultivate hand-picked Qenteelects.’

Prasanna Singaraju

Engineering Chief and CTO

‘Building a successful company that is truly about Digital Transformation isn’t a one man show. Quality, Intelligence and Engineering are literally what we do best, and we have a whole tribe of Qentellects to make it a great act every single time.’

Rashi Srivastava

Vice President, Engineering

‘We are where we are because of who we are. At Qentelli, we Engineer the way of life to ensure work-life balance. We believe structured feedback, communication and collaboration drives the team’s performance.’

Our People & Culture

A ‘Qentellect’ is a passionate worker, continuous innovator, and a right-minded human being. Irrespective of the location, profile, designation, and potential; Qentellects respect and empower each other. Discrimination and inequality are never entertained around here!
There is never a dull day at work because Qentellects celebrate success and failure to always stay ahead of the curve!

A Qentellect is never scared of challenges. Technology might be our bread and butter but, innovation is our DNA.

At Qentelli, we Live, Work and Innovate!