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Building the
Future-Fit Retail Model

Merge the new Digitally Enabled Retail into current business models to create the next
frontier of customer experience

Unified Customer Experience is the key for retail businesses. To achieve this, retailers must create experiences that attract, engage, and retain customers. Our Retail Digital Solutions help in shaping and enhancing experiences by incorporating innovative & disruptive technologies in your value stream.

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Strategy to make you Leader

Strategic blueprint to uncover gaps in current business models, technology stack, & processes. This helps in achieving the business goals using the right combination of People, Process & Technology.

A well-thought-out approach to assess your technology stack by measuring current capabilities against the future.

Taking the dual approach of playing it bold and safe helps in optimal utilization of resources.

Work side-by-side with your management and teams to define & drive culture change which is the bedrock for any successful transformation – We are much more than a Service Provider.

Modernize & Transform your Core

Infuse resiliency and scalability in existing and new applications by employing Agile ways of Application Development and DevOps ways of bridging the gap between Business and IT.

Customer expectations are rising every minute – modernize your time-tested legacy applications to help you deliver value at a faster pace.

Design and develop modern and scalable applications using powerful and measurable practices like Agile, DevOps, DevSecOps and Lean Enterprise.

Transform the complete supply chain to ensure end-to-end visibility across systems of records and engagements through Intelligent Automation and right integration technologies.

Rupesh Badam, VP-Sales & Marketing at Qentelli

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Experiences that

Engage customers beyond stores by designing integrated experiences and delivering exceptional value every time all the time.

Our deep capabilities help in developing the applications and integrating them with your legacy landscape to build context-based commerce to drive better customer engagement.

We combine design thinking, behavioral science, and performance measurement to create interfaces that elevate overall shopping experience.

Choosing Quality over Quantity is no longer a dilemma – We take care of both. Ability to test early and often in real-time so you can receive immediate feedback to ensure flawless applications.

Technologies that

Move the needle with technologies that are disrupting industries and redefine your business model to serve the customers of tomorrow.

Our AI and ML capabilities make it easier to integrate and adopt AI in business and make processes more intelligent and automated.

We help you create, manage, and implement IoT applications to drive significant synergies.

Our customized solution collates, relates, and reveals patterns and trends using deep meaningful neural data to derive insights for business decisions.

Delivered by Qentelli

We work with global retailers to reimagine their customers’ experience and modernize their business models using a combination of strategies and technologies – Thought Leadership at it’s finest!


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