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Cloud Migration Services

Qentelli cloud migration services help you determine the right cloud strategy, operating model, roadmap, and ecosystem partners. We then help you in digital transformation and making the move to the cloud through the right strategy, roadmap, workflow model, and ecosystem collaborations.

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Cloud migration is crucial for companies looking to achieve digital transformation and capture growth opportunities.

It will be easier to decide the best strategy to achieve a smooth transition to the cloud if you understand what cloud migration is, how it can benefit your business, and what is involved.

The process of a cloud migration involves moving a company's digital assets, resources, and services to the cloud, so that migrated assets cannot be accessed outside the firewall of the cloud.

Key to our Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services: With Cloud Migration Services, you can strategize from day one your cloud transformation journey, including consulting, optimization, and support.

Cloud Engineering Services: Through the cloud engineering practice, products and services can be refactored, re-architected, and built using Cloud native technologies.

Cloud Consulting Services: The purpose of cloud consulting services is to assist organizations with choosing the right cloud solution and to provide migration services from beginning to end for maximum return on investment.

Cloud Optimaization Services:  As part of our Cloud Management Services, we automate cloud operations, manage resource consumption, and reduce cloud costs while adhering to the highest standards of governance & security.

AWS Cloud Services: Using AWS Cloud Adoption and Management services, organizations can adapt existing environments and introduce new services, while maximizing their cloud computing capabilities.

Azure Migration Services: Using Azure Migrate, organizations can evaluate the benefits of migrating their on-premises infrastructure, data, and applications to the cloud.

Allow an Cloud Migration Solutions expert to assist you 

We help you maximize business value and growth through strategic planning and implementation.

Accelerate your Cloud Migration Services

digital transformation

Analyzing & discovering cloud migrations

Our proprietary tools allow us to scan and assess your application, infrastructure, and data in order to determine which services will suit your business the most.

Digital transformation services

Plan and execute a cloud migration strategy

As part of the migration process, we assess business needs, consult on the best migration strategy and come up with a plan to move existing workloads to the cloud - reducing risk, time, and cost.

Digital transformation services

Cloud services by Sovereign

By aligning regional values and industry standards, we create sovereign solutions that unlock and protect the value of data.


Implementing cloud migrations

For a smooth transition, we use automated tools for cloud management and migration, along with a plan to manage the transformation.


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What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration involves moving data, applications, or other business elements to the cloud. Enterprises can perform a variety of cloud migrations. Transferring data and applications from on-premises data centers to the public cloud is one standard model. 

Benefits of cloud migration services?

What are the cloud migration types?

The most commonly used approaches are:

Looking for Cloud Migration Services? 

Cloud migration services from Qentelli are designed to maximize the benefits of the cloud.