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Value Stream

Intelligence Platform

TED is a monitoring and analytics console that provides AI-powered actionable insights to leaders and engineering teams.

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The AI-Powered TED

The revolutionary value stream intelligence product has arrived. Switch to a smart way of visualizing metrics in your Business & IT ecosystem. TED convenes insights from various tools into one real-time solution. The AI-powered KPIs will help you establish a single source of truth; track and derive actionable insights to improve top line, bottom line, and boost productivity. Benefit from predictions and intelligent data correlation to improve planning and reduce rework.

Powerful Features

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Define and track Metrics and KPIs to make sense of the data. You can get started with the out-of-the-box metrics or the recommended metrics, create custom formulas through a simple drag and drop UI, define cause-effect relationships and dependencies with the derived data. Visualizing metrics across time or categories helps in rapid decision-making. Get the metrics that matter most to your business.


Track efficiency, identify emerging trends, and stay ahead with TED's Real-Time Dashboard. The AI Powered Capabilities allow TED to offer predictive analytics showing metrics on Velocity, Cycle & Lead Time, Defect Density etc. It comes with in-built rules for deep and comparative analytics for pipeline oversight and traceability.


Collate data from multiple tools in your SDLC to create monitoring and decision-enabling reports. A unified view of data, across multiple data sources, makes it easy to see what has changed and identify any issues. TED’s data refresh capabilities gives you real-time data and visualizations in your reports and dashboards. Value stream visualization just became easier with TED’s real time data refresh.


Predict KPIs and identify patterns, and correlations in data to discover new insights and eliminate surprises. TED works with data to improve predictability, reduce time to market and improve ROI that empowers engineering teams to become agile in their products. The data driven insights can be shared with the engineering teams to provide early insight into the ROI of engineering programs.

TED integrates with your favorite tools in the market

TED offers integrations with popular tools that exposes data through REST APIs


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