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Performance Orchestration

PACE is a comprehensive real user experience intelligence platform that uses data aggregation from monitoring tools and native capabilities to perform distributed synthetic user simulation. It brings together powerful capabilities like Load Testing, Synthetic Monitoring, Uptime Monitoring, Alerting, and Recommendations to achieve precise observability and traceability that help you shape world class customer experiences.

Outcomes Enabled 


improved release confidence


faster release testing


Improved Smarter Collaboration


reduced testing spend

Check how PACE can help you

Order To Chaos

Out of box simulation of faulty scenarios to be induced for robust real time synthetic user experience testing.

Auto Collaboration

Two-way communication with ticketing tools to create service tickets automatically whenever a business-critical performance anomaly is detected.

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Data Estate

Aggregates customer behavior, application and infrastructure and network logs from disparate data sources for extreme user experience correlation.

Geo Specific Insights

Offers user experience tagged to business transactions specific to configured geographies that helps identify market specific needs.

Business Value Designer

Enable business users to design business critical flows and configure PACE seamlessly for precise validation.

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Real User Experience

Know where you stand for customer empathy and experiences with experience telemetry

Distributed Load Testing

Simulate geographically distributed synthetic traffic on what matters the most while you are away.

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