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Value Stream 
Intelligence Platform

TED is a monitoring and analytics console that provides AI-powered actionable insights to leaders and engineering teams. TED delivers highly configurable dashboards and reports to suit the needs of a variety of business needs. Its intelligent recommendations are based on the data from past and present events, giving you a better view over your software lifecycle and allowing you to react faster to issues.

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Outcomes Enabled 


Compliance Achieved with Internal Excellence & Market Standard


Increase in Proactively Avoiding Bottlenecks


Decrease in Mean Time to Detect


Quicker Time to Market with Value Stream Insights

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Track efficiency, identify emerging trends, and stay ahead with TED's Real-Time Dashboard. The AI Powered Capabilities allow TED to offer predictive analytics showing metrics on Velocity, Cycle & Lead Time, Defect Density etc. It comes with in-built rules for deep and comparative analytics for pipeline oversight and traceability.

Define and track Metrics and KPIs to make sense of the data. You can get started with the out-of-the-box metrics or the recommended metrics, create custom formulas through a simple drag and drop UI, define cause-effect relationships and dependencies with the derived data. Visualizing metrics across time or categories helps in rapid decision-making. Get the metrics that matter most to your business.

Collate data from multiple tools in your SDLC to create monitoring and decision-enabling reports. A unified view of data, across multiple data sources, makes it easy to see what has changed and identify any issues. TED’s data refresh capabilities gives you real-time data and visualizations in your reports and dashboards. Value stream visualization just became easier with TED’s real time data refresh.

Predict KPIs and identify patterns, and correlations in data to discover new insights and eliminate surprises. TED works with data to improve predictability, reduce time to market and improve ROI that empowers engineering teams to become agile in their products. The data driven insights can be shared with the engineering teams to provide early insight into the ROI of engineering programs.

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    Reputed Credit Union

    “TED has helped us achieve 90% compliance with internal and market standards, which has boosted our reputation and trust among our stakeholders. TED’s automated control monitoring feature has made it easy for us to track and measure our performance against our strategic goals and ensure that we are aligned with the best practices in our industry.”



    Director of Project Management

    Leading HealthTech Platform

    “TED has enabled us to proactively avoid bottlenecks and deliver value faster and more efficiently. We have seen a 52% increase in our productivity and agility. TED’s value stream intelligence feature has given us a clear visibility into our value delivery process and helped us identify and eliminate any waste or inefficiencies. TED has also helped us prioritize our work based on the value and impact it creates for our customers.”



    VP of Quality Assurance

    Freight Management Leader

    “TED has reduced our mean time to detect issues and risks by 42%, which has improved our quality and reliability. We can now resolve problems before they escalate and affect our customers. TED’s risk and quality monitoring feature has alerted us of any potential issues or deviations in our value stream and provided us with actionable recommendations to fix them. TED has also helped us improve our testing and quality assurance processes and ensure that we deliver high-quality products and services.”



    AVP - Product Delivery

    Leading Fintech Unicorn

    “TED has provided us with valuable insights into our value stream and helped us optimize it for better outcomes. We have achieved a 35% quicker time to market and increased our customer satisfaction. TED’s value stream optimization feature has helped us align our business and software goals and ensure that we deliver the right value to the right customer at the right time. TED has also helped us measure and improve our customer satisfaction with TED’s feedback and support features.”


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