Today's fast moving agile IT world not only demands higher velocity, but stresses on its Responsiveness, Software Quality and enhanced Real User Experience to remain ahead of the competition. In such a scenario, Traditional performance testing at the end of functional testing is no more sufficient for ensuring that a build is completely ready for release.To meet the demands of customer, Qentelli recommends Performance Engineering throughout the engineering lifecycle. We also believe that monitoring Real User Experience of the application in production is key for higher brand image and increased revenue. Key aspects of this approach includes:

  • Understanding System Capacity, Analyzing and Eliminating Performance Bottlenecks
  • Setting up a standardized test framework using Industry standard tools that generate reports with actionable fixes that can be used by Development teams to improve the performance of applications
  • Implementation of Standard testing engine and environments that can be used by all application teams in the lifecycle

Qentelli Performance Engineering Services spans from Application Engineering Life Cycle to Operations Life Cycle and is backed by its IPs and Frameworks.


  • Application Performance Engineering
    - Workload Monitoring, Load Testing, Stress Testing, Soak testing, bottleneck Analysis and Reporting
  • Real User Monitoring
    - Testing against simluated real user conditions, Generating load from different geo locations, Performance tuning, Root cause analysis and reporting
  • Capacity Planning
    - Peak load analysis, Scalability planning, hardware capacity review, data growth analysis and recommendations
  • Performance Engineering Consulting
    - Performance Assesment, Benchmarking, Architecture review, performance tuning recommendations, Best practices suggestions and Enterprise performance engineering strategy