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TED is an AI-powered dashboard and reporting console with monitoring and analytics for engineering teams. Dashboards and reports from TED can be configured to meet the demands of your businesses. With intelligent recommendations based on data from past and present events, TED gives you a better view of your software lifecycle and enables you to proactively work on issues.

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The AI-Powered Engineering Platform 

The ground-breaking value stream intelligence product is here. Upgrade to a smart way of visualizing metrics in your Business & IT ecosystem. By combining insights from various tools, TED provides a real-time solution. By leveraging AI-powered KPIs, you will be able to establish a single point of truth, track and derive actionable insights, and increase productivity. Make better planning and reduce rework by utilizing predictions and intelligent data correlation.



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Track efficiency, identify emerging trends, and stay ahead with TED's Real-Time Dashboard. The AI Powered Capabilities allow TED to offer predictive analytics showing metrics on Velocity, Cycle & Lead Time, Defect Density etc. It comes with in-built rules for deep and comparative analytics for pipeline oversight and traceability.


Make sense of your data by defining and tracking metrics and KPIs. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create custom formulas, define cause-effect relationships, and define dependencies with the derived data, starting with out-of-the-box metrics or recommended metrics. Making rapid decisions is made easier by visualizing metrics over time or categories. Make sure you know what metrics are most important to your company.


Monitoring and decision-enabling reports can be created using data collected from multiple tools in your SDLC. It is easier to identify issues if data is unified across multiple data sources. Data refresh capabilities in TED provide you with real-time data and visualizations. TED's real-time data refresh makes value stream visualization easier.


Discover new insights and eliminate surprises by predicting KPIs and identifying patterns in data. Through data-driven solutions, TED helps engineering teams reduce time to market, improve ROI, and become more agile in their products. It is possible to share data-driven insights early on so they can gain a better understanding of the ROI of engineering programs.


Integrate your favourite tools with TED

TED provides access to data via REST APIs by integrating with popular tools.


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Invest in bespoke implementations to improve your systems

It is important to understand that engineering teams choose tools based on their own preferences. Our team of experts will help you develop a dashboard that tracks data from code commitment through deployment and monitoring. Feel free to contact us for more information and offers.

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TED-The Engineering Dashboard, is a proprietary product of Qentelli, specialized in value-stream-based data aggregation, correlation, and intelligence platform that helps engineering organizations make data-driven decisions. TED is used by 10 large enterprises that include fortune organizations.

Plug & Play metric widgets with prebuilt forecasting capabilities have over 90% accuracy, making it possible for leaders and managers to plan more efficiently. To provide insight to leaders from any area, data correlation is conducted across business and technology data organized as value streams. Through API integration, TED acts as a lightweight data warehouse that opens up cleaned data for downstream integration.

TED is a web-based platform available in SaaS and On-Prem flavors to any customer. TED supports over 50 technology connectors to connect to applications, databases, and other data sources to derive data from disparate sources. Any custom connector specific to the organization, like in-house applications, is built specifically for the customer.

TED SaaS is hosted on AWS. Data of the organization is encrypted at rest and in transit using TSL security mechanisms.

Once data is extracted and prepared for correlation and intelligence, customers can use plug & play widgets and alerting mechanisms like Teams, Slack, Email, or in-app notifications to set up value stream level and project level governance.

While there are many tools that aggregate data from multiple sources, it is often left up to the goodness of people in the organization to make the highest value out of the aggregated data. It is very easily made a person skillset-dependent or business-dependent task to generate business & technology intelligence that matters. TED particularly solves this problem by offering a library of prebuilt KPI widgets, that are configurable if needed. These widgets are prebuilt with forecasting and correlation capabilities thereby enabling effective planning.

TED’s library of KPI widgets across business and engineering areas, makes it perfect for dashboarding, monitoring, and alerting for business thresholds like change in revenue trends with underlying reasons or change in customer usage of the product with underlying reasons or change in customer experience due to underlying engineering layers with roll up reasons or quality of the product or frequency of successful releases. It also offers forecasting capabilities to allow leaders to do precision planning.

Occasionally, Tableau and Power BI are brought up in comparison with TED where TED’s exceptionally good data organization, correlation and intelligence capabilities out of the box present themselves as game-changing differentiating factors as compared to Tableau or Power BI who are just data visualization tools.