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Streamline Your Compliance, Simplify IT Workflows & Gain Unmatched Insights.

Focus on Your Core Business. Let TED Handle the Complexities.


Compliance Achieved for Internal Processes


Workflow Automation Achieved for Client-Critical Processes


Decrease in Mean Time to Respond


Decrease in Time taken for Compliance Audits


Automated Compliance Management


Easily set up and manage your compliance program. Assign guidelines, get real-time updates, and always stay ahead in the dynamic regulatory landscape.

Intelligent Workflow Automation


Effortlessly empower your users to build flexible workflows. Automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and focus on impactful tasks.

Single Source
of Truth


TED integrates with various enterprise tools, collecting and correlating data from these sources. It consolidates all the scattered information into a unified platform, allowing for easier and more comprehensive data analysis and visualization.

Behind the Build

From our experiences in handling enterprise digital innovation to aiding Fortune 500 companies with first principles thinking and challenging traditional business models, our journey has been nothing short of transformative. Watch this video to learn more about the dedication, challenges, and triumphs behind the creation of TED.

We saved around 400 man hours and 7.8% of our compliance budget for internal audits and audit preparation last year using TED.


Sr. Director - Controls | B2B eCommerce Giant

Faced challenges in internal audit preparations. TED streamlined the process, leading to significant savings.

AI-Backed Predictions


Harness the power of a next-gen AI trained on industry-specific data, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in predicting KPIs and discerning intricate patterns. With TED, it's not just about data analysis—it's about deriving actionable insights that substantially reduce time to market, enhance ROI, and enable engineering teams to preemptively address challenges.

TED is the most comprehensive AI-powered IT Operations tool out there providing compliance, process automation and insights.


Security Compliance Manager | Reputed QSR Chain

Sought an all-in-one solution for IT operations. TED emerged as the top choice.

Dream Support Team


TED is designed to helps your functional experts develop highly customizable and robust workflows that suit your business needs. Our team of experts offer your continual support and guidance as along your workflow and compliance automation journeys.

TED has done an amazing job of centralizing our critical compliance needs and automating them.


Senior Vice President - Security | Major Bank from Texas

With a vast network, the bank required a centralized compliance system. TED delivered.

Pre-built Framework Templates to Enable Growth

Create your own framework or utilize TED’s out-of-the-box frameworks with customizable controls to
suit the needs of your internal processes, business, and industry.

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