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We engineer trust.


This is where the overarching philosophy video can go. Qentelli's vision is to create a world where people can trust the organizations in their lives. To achieve that reality it is our mission to help companies confidently manage risk and build trust through legendary software and customer experiences.

Videos that help in talking about features/ benefits that cut across the products

Actionable Insights - Not Just Analytics


Set up your compliance program effortlessly. Assign guidelines to owners and get automatic real-time compliance status updates based on tagged tickets in other systems. Be assured of compliance in the dynamic regulatory landscape, always.

Automation - Freeing up Resources
to Drive Innovation


Empower your users to build flexible workflows based on triggers from various data points. Automating repetitive tasks and streamlining project management processes is now TED’s job. You can now focus your energy on tasks that move the needle.

AI - Empowering Superior
Decision Making


TED integrates with various enterprise tools, collecting and correlating data from these sources. It consolidates all the scattered information into a unified platform, allowing for easier and more comprehensive data analysis and visualization.

Join the TED Journey


As a part of our team, you’ll help shape the company’s culture and contribute to growth every day.

Awards and Recognition

TED has done a fantastic job of centralizing our compliance
operations so that we aren’t duplicating work.


Controls Manager // OVO Energy

Our Story

The story of TED starts with my time at Microsoft. In one of my roles there, I was tasked with developing one of Microsoft’s largest scale and most critical cloud services: Microsoft Passport. Microsoft Passport was Microsoft’s cloud ID, running at large scale and a critical piece of the company’s infrastructure…

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Who We Are

Customer champions

We actively seek feedback and respond accordingly


We are curious, creative, and persistent pursuers of simplicity in our solutions

Diverse and inclusive

We take responsibility and joy in creating a community that reflects the broadest spectrum

Leaders who take action

We collect data, measure, prioritize, and act

Trusted experts

We build trust through authentic and ethical behavior paired with deep expertise

Team players

We keep our team strong by setting the bar high and listening and caring for one another

Who We Are

TED is truly a mission-led company. You’ll find the people here not only care about their work, but the team as well—knowing that the best way to advance the mission is together. Our leadership team is dedicated to helping you grow in and outside of your career. See our current job openings.

Learn more about TED values, mission, and story

  • Customer Champions

  • Innovators

  • Diverse and Inclusive

  • Leaders Who Take Action

  • Trusted Experts

  • Team Players

TED has done a fantastic job of centralizing our compliance
operations so that we aren’t duplicating work.


Controls Manager // OVO Energy

TED is committed to your business growth

Our goal is clear: we’re committed to your success. Our priority is to improve your margins, increase your services as you scale, and differentiate you from the market as it grows.

Eliminate tedious manual processes


by removing redundant, tedious work for your clients so they can focus on more strategic tasks

Help your customers scale


with 70+ out-of-the-box frameworks that provide coverage for risk, gap, and readiness assessments

Get the competitive business advantage


of supporting your customers with cutting-edge technology so you can stay head of the competition

We’re easy to do business with


and we integrate with your business model, going the extra mile to prioritize your success


We Serve Industries Like

IT Auditors

Assessors providing a more collaborative and streamlined experience

Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers who support their customers’ security and compliance

Risk, Compliance, and Controls Advisors

Experts who combine their compliance knowledge with process and system implementation

Cybersecurity Resellers

Trusted advisors that recommend tools for managing security and compliance