Quality Intelligence

Today, one of the biggest asks off the IT leadership is application delivery at the speed of light, which brings caveat of defect slippage. With change and “new” in demand, Technology leaders are facedwith the dilemma of “What to Test? How much is enough? What is my regression coverage? What is the impact of change?” Disparate sources of data and information bring complexity in the ability of QA leadership to view application quality, change impact, regression coverage, Test effectiveness and defect traceability in real-time. To address the crux of the problem, we at Qentelli have developedan extremely customizable and intelligent suite of tools, self-Learning algorithms and rules engines which feed to dashboards to drive Engineering Lifecycle Metrics, Cost of Quality, Traceability, Impact Analysis, DevOps metrics all in real-time and all automated.

Value Add and Service Highlights

  • TED – The Engineering Dashboard
  • IAN – Impact Analyzer
  • QAI Suite
  • True Engineering dashboard – Covers E2E lifecycle metrics (Dev, QA, Automation, CI, CD, Ops)
  • Plugins for multiple data sources
  • Portfolio View – KPIs for CxO (Budget, schedule, efforts, ROI)
  • Real-Time Status – Measure, Track, Predict
  • Customizable through a simple User Interface - Set Thresholds, Define custom metrics – Configure UCL, LCL and Medians for alerts
  • Measure Cost of Quality and Cost Per Defect