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White Papers

The simplicity of our solutions comes from the algorithms and processes that we have developed. We choose to view, conceptualize, visualize and build solutions that address the root of the problem rather than fixing an issue in a silo.

Continuous Delivery

Quality has gained the attention of IT leadership at enterprises across the world. The modern CIO relies on Quality Assurance to drive Business Assurance and the Customer Experience an enterprise delivers is the true reflection of who they aim to be. Faster release cycles, delivering at the speed of light cannot put application quality in jeopardy. The key to delivering at the velocity the business demands and at the quality that customers expect lies in the IT teams’ ability at Continuous Delivery. At Qentelli, we understand the importance of Continuous Delivery being an essential link in the IT leadership’s armor and our approach and framework have Quality Engineering and DevOps at the heart of this approach.

Quality Intelligence

Today, one of the biggest asks off the IT leadership is application delivery at the speed of light, which brings caveat of defect slippage. With change and “new? in demand, QA leaders are faced with the dilemma of “What to Test? How much is enough? What is my regression coverage? What is the impact of change??

Test Automation

For a Retail Organization, key challenge is to keep the customer facing portal bug free. One of the leading Retail Chains in the US wished to delight their customers with new richer User Interface and enhanced functionality.

Monitoring Dashboard

One thing is common between, governance of a multi-year Transformation program or a 2- month maintenance release - Project Tracking and Monitoring. Right metrics and correct information plays a major role in ensuring software being deployed into production is defect free.

Retake on – Test Automation

Automation is no more an optional activity in the IT world. Qentelli’s Quality Intelligence (Q2I) Suite has patent pending tools and solutions for accelerated testing. Qentelli’s FASTTM Solution provides a complete automation of GUI, Non GUI from Test Design to Test Execution.


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Qentelli has a dedicated Innovation Group that focus on solving complex QA problems, more importantly focusing on the development of Frameworks, accelerators and tools that ensure enhanced productivity and efficiency gains.

TED is the Aggregator, built to automatically gather the data / information from various tools such as JIRA, HP ALM, Rational and Production Support / Monitoring etc. The data is stored into a SQL database which is used to build Metrics dashboards giving absolute visibility into application quality.

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PAM - Portal for Accessibility Management is a comprehensive approach to accessibility management to build and maintain usable/accessible web platforms compliant to key standards - WCAG and 508 and more. Semi Automated Compliance Management and a Dashboard view for easy reference.

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IAN is the Analyst, built to automatically gather data from test management and automation tools to generate the test coverage based on traceability. The native rules engine builds impact report and traceability between the Requirements, Test Scenarios and Defects, all in real-time.

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An Intelligent acceleration kit for automation - Cross technology, cross platform and across the application tiers (UI, Middle-Tier, Services and Backend). First of its kind with Coverage Analysis Mind maps (Statement, Branch, Unit, Feature, Impact, CI/CD) for Regression design.

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Video - TED


Engineering your Software Lifecycle to bring Continuous Delivery.


Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Engineering Lifecycle and Artificial Intelligence in DevOps is only scratching the surface of what our Innovation group has achieved.

Applied Intelligence

Self Learning Algorithms and Rules Engines that Analyze, Automatically Solve and Predict Problems!

Business Assurance

Aligning your Business Goals to your Quality Goals; After all Business Assurance is driven by Quality!