Sanjay Jupudi

Sanjay Jupudi is the Founder and President of Qentelli. Sanjay brings over 18 years of experience leading global teams, working with Fortune 500 organizations, building companies and heading operations, sales and delivery. Sanjay is adynamic leader, Technocrat and Thought Leader but an Engineer at heart. As President, Sanjay provides leadership to the Customer Engagement, Service Delivery and Operations teams at Qentelli.

A sucker for data and analytics, Sanjay understands that the assurance an enterprise provides its customers is directly proportional to the assurance the platform, product or application's quality. He adopted the credo "Quality Intelligence for Business Intelligence".

A firm believer in "Innovate or Perish", Sanjay preaches and encourages the teams at Qentelli to constantly reinvent and add to the ever-growing list of patents and product suite.

Prior to Qentelli, Sanjay was instrumental in the testing and quality services space, building a $100M testing company, to become the largest in North America in the process. Prior to which he served at leading telecommunications and billing management providers in various roles including Developer/Technical Architect / SME spanning Asia, Europe and North America.