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Application Modernization Services

Our Application Modernization Services help you upgrade your legacy applications to a modern cloud native microservices core, allowing business to innovate at speed and scale while reducing technical debt. 

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Our comprehensive migration strategy and solutions assist companies in moving workloads to the cloud while reducing risk and cost. We follow best practices and standardized process in legacy application migration to help you achieve desired flexibility, scalability, and economy.

Our Approach to Application Modernization

Assess & Prioritize: We assess legacy applications on two critical points – value to business and their technical debt over time. We then prioritize the ones with the highest value and lowest debts. This approach leads to realizing outcomes and therefore ROIs of efforts much faster.

Begin Small: In our experience, almost all modernization projects pose unique technological, cultural, or operational challenges. By starting small, we understand the nuances of the project and quickly pick up learnings. This helps us parallelly start delivering measurable success to cement the buy-in of critical stakeholders.

Break Down Monoliths to MicroservicesAt Qentelli we architect systems in such a way that the boundaries of microservices are defined within the monolith system. We then test, develop, observe, and break the system into well-defined microservices over time.

Automate:  Everything as Code, essentially is to manage your infrastructure programmatically at every layer. Bringing in automation is not just bringing in optimization; our engineers apply it to bring in dynamism, agility, resilience, and security to your business and applications. 

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Our application modernization specialists help IT leaders strip out unnecessary operating costs—reducing capital spending and freeing staff—for new strategic and revenue-generating initiatives in the cloud.

Accelerate your Cloud Migration Services

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ERP Migration

We plan ERP migrations to optimize the business management structure by integrating the business applications and CRM software into a single automated centralized architecture. 

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Operating System Migration

We can help you in migrating your application's setup and data from the current or legacy operating system to enhance compatibility, security, and ensure minimal downtime.

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Database Migration

With the best-in-class tools and database integrations, we help you migrate your data from one or more sources to a restructured database target.


CMS Migration

Our CMS migration services have proved more credible in improving the website features, speed, and functionality and also help you choose the best CMS.

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IT Infrastructure Migration

With rapidly evolving technologies and legacy app migration services, including testing, maintenance, QA, we migrate your application to the cloud. 

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Platform Migration

We have experience in moving workloads across different cloud platforms, on-premises to cloud, while also providing training and resources post-migration.

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Code Migration

Our code migration services include PHP modernization, Open Source Software modernization, RHEL/Linux to CentOS migration, to name a few. 


Cloud Migration

Achieve faster, reliable, and cost-effective cloud migration with Qentelli no matter where you stand on your cloud journey.


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What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration involves moving data, applications, or other business elements to the cloud. Enterprises can perform a variety of cloud migrations. Transferring data and applications from on-premises data centers to the public cloud is one standard model. 

Benefits of cloud migration services?

What are the cloud migration types?

The most commonly used approaches are:

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Cloud migration services from Qentelli are designed to maximize the benefits of the cloud.