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Azure Consulting Services

Azure is a public computing platform powered by infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and application as a service (SaaS). Azure provides everything a business needs to run virtual computing, storage, networking, analytics, and databases.

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Build high-performance Azure applications with Qentelli's Azure Consulting Services! Our specialty is Native Cloud Development in Azure environment!

More than 80 top IT and business executives at large and mid-sized companies responded to a recent survey stating that 62 percent use a hybrid cloud environment incorporating Microsoft Azure cloud. A managed service provider was also cited as a possible option for 67 percent of participants to assist with cloud migration or to manage their on-premises environment over the next year.

In addition to having years of technical experience, Qentelli is committed to providing world-class products and services, transforming ideas into solutions, offering end-to-end management experiences, and delivering applications in a fast and secure way with Azure services with an agile development methodology.

Key to our Azure Consulting Services

Cloud Migration: With the help of our Azure experts, companies are able to achieve a smooth transition of their business to Azure for a complete digital transformation.

Cloud Consulting: We at Qentelli can help your business achieve true cloud transformation by embracing the most advanced cloud platform.

Cloud Development: We offer custom cloud applications and app development for Azure, as well as hosting and migrating existing applications to the Azure cloud.

Azure DevOps: By using advanced Azure DevOps tools and a smarter plan, our Azure DevOps engineers will drastically reduce delivery time for your project.

Application Re-Engineering: Enhance or retain the features and value of your existing business application by reengineering it for the Azure platform.

Security: Cloud experts at Qentelli use a secure-by-design approach to secure complex hybrid, cloud, and compliance-mandated environments.

Initiate your Azure Cloud Journey with us

Are you worried about the adoption of the Azure cloud? Don't worry. Leverage Qentelli’s deep industry experience across Azure cloud platforms and get the best.

Our Portfolio of Azure Consulting Services

Providing you with a similar experience as hiring an additional member of your team is our goal as an organization. Feel like we are next to you across the cubicle wall.

DevOps Infrastructure Management Services

Discovery and Assessment

A comprehensive assessment workshop that identifies Azure candidates across applications and infrastructure components will help you understand how the Azure ecosystem can help your business.

DevOps Operations Management Services

Workload Migration

Azure can be a good choice if you want to migrate your business workload, SQL servers, web applications, and servers. In addition to migrating data to Azure, our engineers will be testing and validating the infrastructure with our migration tools.

Operations Management DevOps Services

Application Modernization

Our framework provides the foundation for modernizing business applications based on Microsoft architecture blueprints, best practices, and Azure DevOps.


Managed Azure

We deliver all of these services through a comprehensive Managed Cloud program, which includes Azure management, resource management, and optimization.

DevOps Consultants

Release Management

Increase the number of successful deployments through effective release management practices.

DevOps Security Consultants

Security and Compliance

Integrate Azure security tools into your business workflows such as Sentinel, rights management, and security center to extend compliance and security to your Azure tenant.


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Have you considered moving Azure Services?

Our Cloud experts will help you design a solution that meets your current and future business needs.

Microsoft Azure provides a reliable platform for building and deploying applications. With security built into your developer workflow, you'll be able to deliver innovative experiences, improve security, and speed up time to market. Qentelli lets you create new cloud applications or migrate existing ones to Azure.

Cloud platforms such as Azure are one of the most effective and cost-effective methods for hosting data, developing software, and managing them. Business users can take advantage of everything Microsoft Cloud has to offer, including the operating system, SQL Azure to run databases in the cloud, and a wide range of services to develop and run applications. Azure's extensive investments in continuous innovation and security ensure that your data and applications are not only accessible at any time from anywhere, but also far more secure than they would be in a traditional IT setup.

Businesses that rely on cloud-based applications and data can benefit from Azure's high availability and uptime. Additionally, Azure offers a wide range of network options and computer storage solutions that can be customized according to the needs of any business. Azure is one of the most secure cloud platforms due to Microsoft's extensive investments in security features.


In compliance with the PCI DSS, we can architect, build, and implement high-availability, geographically distributed cloud solutions. Businesses of all sizes have benefitted from our extensive experience in disaster recovery planning and implementation. You can work with us to build a redundant, PCI-compliant cloud infrastructure.

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