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Codeless Automation

Most codeless automation tools in the market today are over simplified, and take a narrow view to testing complexity. Black-boxed approaches don’t go too far. Qentelli brings the discipline, flexibility and the power of conventional code-based setup into codeless world.

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Key to our Codeless Automation

Manual testers could not automate the test cases: In SDLC, the manual testers do the first round of testing on a feature and then once it is stable, it is automated by the automation team. Here, the manual testers had the knowledge of the feature and its working but automation was being done by another person that does not have much knowledge of the feature. Now, with codeless automation, the manual testers can use their product knowledge for automation too. Thus, improving the quality of automated test cases.

Test cases could only be reviewed by people who knew how to code: Earlier, the automated test cases were not easy to understand for non-technical people involved in the project. Now, with codeless automation, these test cases can be easily automated by even the non-technical stakeholders including project managers, product managers, clients.

Manual Test execution is slow: Super fast test automation is the main benefit of codeless automation is speed. The learning curve is low and time taken in test creation is also low. Thus, the problem where automation could not keep up with the speed of features and enhancements being added to a products and thereby becoming a bottleneck, could now be easily solved.

Tough to maintain test cases: The test cases once automated, were tough to maintain because of the code complexities involved in automation. These problems can be solved via codeless automation.

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Go from manual to automated testing fast with the easy, our no-code test automation solutions. 

Accelerate your Codeless Test Automation

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Now the testers can freely develop test logic without worrying about the programming syntax. Complex test logic can be developed without losing the simplicity of natural language.

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With the design-first approach, Qentelli softly enforces modularity and reusability in the development of test assets. Change management is facilitated through built-in best practices.

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Our codeless test automation is not just limited to writing test logic with natural interface. Same, simplified approach is applied for every significant aspect of test automation. Element identification is visual and intuitive, with an ability to handle iframes and other dynamic controls. 


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Qentelli's codeless test automation is designed to support advanced interactions and logic development capabilities. Dynamic web pages, database validations, API verifications and middleware automation are included with same, simple and natural interface.



Test assets are completely natural without imposing any rigid language semantics. Anyone with functional knowledge can develop and understand test automation.

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No Vendor Locks

Qentelli's natural language abstraction generates a properly readable and readily executable java code; just like a well-designed and programmed code-based approach. With industry standard Runtime that includes Selenium, you are not vendor locked!

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Our codeless platform is completely extendible, and the extension capabilities are as natural. Extension interface is consistent, with a simple annotation-based system, thus making it impossible to differentiate extension capabilities vs. native capabilities.


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Codeless testing is a method where testers record user-like behavior to automate them. Though the name codeless testing it doesn’t mean it is a 100% code free. While a tester can generate most of the tests code free, certain tests may still need some coding. Testers can use codeless testing for keeping up with the deployment needs. 

Though codeless testing is popular for UI testing we have extended its capabilities. At Qentelli we use codeless testing for Synthetic Monitoring, Load Testing and more. It gives testers the ability to perform a wide range tests for a single test case. Testers can reuse a single test case for various functionality and performance metrics.

In simple terms, codeless test automation is testing without needing to write test scripts. Writing test scripts involves a great deal of time and resources. Codeless testing beats that by providing a user-friendly interface to reduce coding as much as possible. The ultimate goal is true codeless testing where anyone lacking knowledge of test scripts can perform automation testing.

Not all testers are programmers Most fi.rms fail to recognize this. Instead, they expect testers to learn coding, at least to an extent that they don’t feel lost. But that’s terribly inefficient. Learning how to code and mastering coding can take years. Codeless test automation tools put the focus on creating the right tests, not on an individual’s ability to code.

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