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Customer Experience

Improving the way businesses communicate with their customer with reliable, flexible, and scalable solutions.

We believe in the power of Data, Analytics and personalized Communications when it comes to customer experience. By improving the digital and self-service options, we aid the businesses to spend more human hours on other crucial areas such as innovation and expansion.

We help clients deliver brilliant customer experience by balancing these elements

Data & Analytics: By integrating right tools, we aid businesses to develop an ability to capture accurate data and translate that data into actionable insight.

People: Capturing the complete response of customers in real-time and engaging the most empowered resources to act on that captured data can bring in success faster.

Channels: We understand the importance of customer engagement for businesses. At Qentelli, we not only focus on multi-channel presence bust also create Omni-channel experience.

Innovation: People never stop wanting to have newer experiences. So, businesses should never stop inventing them. It’s not impossible with Qentelli on your side.

Transforming Customer Experience in Stores and Digital Channels

What can enhance your Customer Experience?

Holistic CX

Holistic CX

Orchestrating customer experience through effortless omnichannel solutions focusing on personalization. Our CX goes far beyond customer retention and sales. Read More

UI-UX Transformation

UI-UX Transformation

Re-creating digital customer engagement through effective information architecture, user- and device-aware layout. Our secret recipe is a mixture of design, aesthetics, utility, ergonomics & performance.Read More

Experience Platforms

Experience Platforms

Creating visually stunning and stimulating interactive experience platforms that intersects function & innovation. We leverage latest technologies to turn unique ideas into cohesive experiences. Read More

Product/Service Design

Product/Service Design

Getting enterprises ready for the next wave of smart application. Our approach is user-centric and is heavily muscled with feedback loops and customer-journey simulations. Read More


Perfecting the Readership and Shopping Experience
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Customer Experience


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Uplift your Customer Experience by designing ‘customer-first’ products 

We help you implement an end-to-end CX transformation for your business.