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Customer Experience

Co-creating human-centric processes, culture, and experiences to accelerate business transformations and amplify value.

Our objective is to bring you holistic perspective of your customer journey and help you acquire, expand, and retain your customer base by unleashing the power of Data, Analytics, Automation, and Personalization. We believe in digitizing and automating everything possible while training human intelligence to go an extra mile.

We help our clients deliver brilliant customer experience by balancing these elements

Data & Analytics: By integrating right tools, we aid businesses to develop an ability to capture accurate data and translate that data into actionable insight.

Channels: We understand the importance of customer engagement for businesses. At Qentelli, we not only focus on multi-channel presence bust also create Omni-channel experience.

People: Capturing the complete response of customers in real-time and engaging the most empowered resources to act on that captured data can bring in success faster.

Innovation: People never stop wanting to have newer experiences. So, businesses should never stop inventing them. It’s not impossible with Qentelli on your side.

Impact of Customer Experience on your business


of the time, your customer is looking for omni-channel experience


of the time, your customer prefers human touch in brand interactions


of the customers don’t mind paying extra for better experience


of churned customers leave because of bad customer experience

What can enhance your Customer Experience?

Holistic CX

Orchestrating customer experience through effortless omnichannel solutions focusing on personalization. Our CX goes far beyond customer retention and sales.

UI-UX Transformation

Re-creating digital customer engagement through effective information architecture, user- and device-aware layout. Our secret recipe is a mixture of design, aesthetics, utility, ergonomics & performance.

Experience Platforms

Creating visually stunning and stimulating interactive experience platforms that intersects function & innovation. We leverage latest technologies to turn unique ideas into cohesive experiences.

Product/Service Design

Getting enterprises ready for the next wave of smart application. Our approach is user-centric and is heavily muscled with feedback loops and customer-journey simulations.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure in business.

Customer experience metrics go beyond what you measure in your Marketing and Customer service teams. It is important to regularly audit and consolidate the CX metrics at organization level to determine the ROI and Value addition. Here are some of the metrics we swear by.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Loyalty / Retention


Value and


Product /Service review ratings

Loyalty Program Enrolments

Net promoter score

Accuracy of Inventory and Pricing

Employee Satisfaction

First call resolution rate

Multiple channel Engagement

Price Sensitivity

Product recall / return rates

Anonymous Employer review (Glassdoor)

Compliant Resolution rate

Purchase Frequency

Customer referrals

Security breaches

Employee Retention

Cart / Call abandonment rate

Average Customer Tenure

Sentiment Score

Number and frequency of support requests

Career Opportunities

Product / Service Upgrade

Churn / Deactivation Rate

Brand Value

MTTF / Product Reliability

Job Understanding

Incident Rates

Repeat orders and renewals

Social network participation

Process Adherence


Higher value ⇒ Progress

Lower value ⇒ Progress

Uplift your Customer Experience by designing ‘customer-first’ products

We help you implement an end-to-end CX transformation for your business.


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Customer Experience


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