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Hyperautomation Solutions

Qentelli's Hyperautomation solutions enable automated decisioning in business work flows through mimicking the human brain and its decisioning patterns, thus bringing maximum throughput from automation. Our Hyperautomation services enables you to rapidly identify, vet, and automate their business and IT processes through a disciplined approach.

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Achieving success with process automation initiatives calls for synergies between People, Process, and Technology facets. RPA skills shortage, poor change management, lack of business-IT alignment, ill-defined success criteria, and disregard for infrastructure management considerations are frequently-cited factors leading to failure of automation initiatives. 

We bring the right mix of domain knowledge, technology know-how, in house R&D, academic partnership and research together to deliver cutting edge Hyperautomation solutions for our clients. Our commercial models are designed to be outcomes-based, thus ensuring successful outcomes for our clients. 

Our Way to Hyperautomation

Flexibility: Hyperautomation is based on multiple technologies, which means you get multiple benefits from all the technologies. It allows you to build scalable and flexible processes in your organization.

Improved Employee Productivity: When repetitive tasks are intelligently hyperautomated, it reduces the dependence on human intervention. So, your team can focus on the more important developmental tasks and leave the mundane chores to the systems.

Integration: Hyperautomation helps bring legacy systems and existing systems to the same platform. It also allows seamless coordination between all the team members and stakeholders.

Improved ROI: Hyper-automating repetitive tasks reduces time, effort, and cost. It allows you to restructure your revenue management in other essential regions of business development. Also, the analytics provided by the hyperautomation tools help speed up decision-making.

Achieve Efficiency and Profitability with Hyperautomation

Augmenting RPA with AI technologies expands the possibilities of business process automation to include nearly any scenario—cognitive bots can reason and make decisions, learning on the job to become valuable resources in your human-digital workforce. Our Intelligent Automation experts will use their expertise to combine the benefits of robotic process automation with cognitive technologies to break down the limitations of rule-based automation and expand the capabilities of your current RPA implementation. We help you map out your RPA roadmap, design your processes, and implement your bots. 

Accelerate your Intelligent Automation

digital transformation

Knowledge Mining

Using Machine Learning capabilities Qentelli can automate business processes by turning unstructured documents into useful, specific data that can be understood and processed. 

Digital transformation services

Digital Workforce Solutions

Free up your workforce’s capacity and reduce dependency and cost surrounding manual workloads through Digital Workforce solutions.

Digital transformation services

Intelligent Process Automation

Qentelli partners with industry leaders to leverage innovative RPA capabilities and empower business users with simple, yet powerful solutions. Together with process re-engineering, Qentelli drives workforce efficiency to new levels.


Liberate Employees

With intelligent Digital Workers handling more complex tasks and complete processes, employees can focus on objectives that use their unique human skills.


August 26, 2020
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November 06, 2018

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Hyperautomation is a business-driven, disciplined approach that organizations use to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many business and IT processes as possible. Hyperautomation involves the orchestrated use of multiple technologies, tools or platforms, including: Artificial intelligence (AI) Machine learning.

Hyperautomation allows to drive automation at scale in a highly secure environment. It generates quick analytics for monitoring the automated process trajectory. It offers highly accurate output in a scalable environment in a 24x7 mode and improves straight-through processing. As it allows to choose tools of choice for automating at scale, businesses can make use of existing IT investments.

Developing Hyperautomation Strategy?

Hyperautomation is the process of automating work using artificial intelligence & related technologies. Our hyperautomation framework for implementation, best practices, and implementation methodologies ensure scale and resiliency irrespective of the underlying tools and deployment model.