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IT Advisory Services

Qentelli IT Advisory Services addresses important concerns such as aligning business & IT objectives by transforming architectures, maximizing IT performance, and managing IT expenses, all while effectively managing risk and delivering business results. Our professional advice helps you manage this transformation seamlessly. 

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The idea of making sound decisions is vital to the development of any organization. Choosing the proper strategy and implementing the right infrastructure to enhance internal processes remains a concern for the IT business.

You will obtain actual business insights and value from Qentelli's IT Advisory Services. Our tech advisory professionals bring in their years of experience to standardize business processes and create solutions that meet both your present business difficulties and prospects, as well as the strategic assistance you require to transform digitally.

Key to our IT Advisory Services

IT strategy: We collaborate with customers to create a clear strategy that completely supports their corporate goals.

Risk management: We assist companies in streamlining their risk assessment and compliance framework for IT.

Sourcing: Assist with the development of strategic sourcing and third-party partnership solutions for IT services, and ensure the implementation of effective controls.

Logistics Issues: As part of our analysis, we make recommendations to optimize processes and technology. A major impact can be made by IT in this area.

Implementation: Stay at the forefront of the digital revolution by helping clients follow the roadmap and making changes if necessary.

Cost Optimization: Using our expertise, we assist clients in identifying the most effective ways to reduce costs on their digital transformation journey.

Allow an expert IT advisor to assist you 

You will get the best performance, responsiveness, quality, and flexibility in your IT service delivery models at competitive price by partnering with our IT Consulting Services.

Accelerate your Business with our Technology Advisory Services

Qentelli's IT consulting team will develop solutions that help you address your existing business challenges and also grab opportunities in an evolving market. We also provide strategic and tactical support for you to transform digitally. 

digital transformation

IT Outsourcing Advisory Services

Risk mitigation through data center management, application development and support, infrastructure, software maintenance and other initiatives.

Digital transformation services

Strategic Sourcing Services

Value creation by collecting data, analyzing spend, conducting market research, negotiating and contracting.

Digital transformation services

Transition & Vendor Management

Increasing value by controlling costs, driving service excellence, and mitigating risks.


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster recovery and business continuity are processes meant to help organizations recover from disasters.


IT Financial & Operations Audit

Our technology advisory professionals review of the processes, procedures, and systems used by the company to make them more efficient.

Digital consultants

IT Optimization Services

Providing you advisory and tactical support in optimizing for performance, administration, upgrades, and solving bottlenecks.




Attaining customer centricity has never been this easy before! In the digital age, much of what a company offers, its ability to provide awe inspiring customer experience and its resilience to external factors is determined by its ability to embrace technology. 

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What does IT advisory services mean?

Through consulting services, clients can evaluate different methodologies and technologies and align their network strategies with their business or process strategies. Services provided by these companies support customers' IT (Information Technology) initiatives by providing strategic, architectural, operational, and implementation planning for their networks.

Clients can benefit from strategic planning by assessing their network requirements and formulating system implementation plans.

Advisory services are provided to create a logical design of the network environment and the supporting infrastructure by combining strategies with knowledge of emerging technologies. Among the services offered by operational assessment and benchmarking is the assessment of a client's network efficiency and capacity.

What is the purpose of IT advisory services?

IT advisory services are provided by a specialist organization to assist its clients in developing, implementing, and managing their IT projects. Generally, these services are targeted at providing advice on the client's financial and operational aspects of the business.

What is the difference between consulting and advisory?

In most cases, consultants are hired to solve specific, granular problems for clients that are likely to result in a substantial impact but are not responsible for the long-term operations of the company. An advisor, on the other hand, may have a longer-term engagement with the client and may be able to help the client with a much wider range of issues depending on their expertise.

Why is IT consulting important?

IT consulting is an essential part of growing a business in the information technology field. The role of IT consultants extends beyond the management of the business as they are also involved with the implementation, deployment, and maintenance of IT systems. Further, they also play a significant role in the development of key IT strategies, conducting competitor analyses, and performing other critical tasks.

What are the benefits of IT consulting services?

The role of consultants is to assist business owners and managers by identifying challenges, offering advice, and suggesting practical solutions. In order to overcome the bottlenecks, the strategic consultants help diagnose the problem and come up with an appropriate solution. Hiring a strategy consultant has the following benefits:

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