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Consulting & Implementation Services

SAP’s S/4 HANA offers a seamless, fully integrated ERP solution that runs on in-memory database technology helping organizations transform the way they innovate, operate and deliver.

As we brace for the next-generation of challenges, it’s time to phase out legacy ERP and embrace the next-generation of cloud-based, intelligent SAP ERP “S/4 HANA”.

Qentelli has been a trusted technology partner to many businesses across the globe. With proven expertise around business innovation meeting seasoned team, industry best practices, and specialized tools; we are ready to add more tangible value to your business by building SAP centric landscapes.

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Key enablers of Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP

Leadership: Our SAP experts are involved in the process from day 1 to address any questions or concerns the top management may have. The leaders’ buy-in plays a crucial role determining that result of implementation.

Team: Qentelli has assembled a competent and seasoned SAP implementation team who will make sure your ERP planning will resonate with your organizational goals. It’s the right people, with right skills, following the right steps.

Objectives: Discussing and establishing the organizational, operational, and financial goals is important for any ERP solution adoption. Our team helps you set measurable, specific, and achievable milestones.

Consultation: Qentelli is not just your SAP implementation partner but also acts as a business transformation consultant whose objective is always delivering value to your business and your internal customers.

Process: Business Process Re-engineering is another crucial driver of SAP implementation success. Qentelli emphasizes on the importance of organizational change management to ensure smooth transition.

Training: We conduct integrated pre- and post-implementation training sessions to your teams to effectively overcome the reluctance, improve productivity, and eliminate knowledge barriers.

We assess, develop, prep, and implement the SAP applications into your ecosystem and train your teams to maintain it further. We are equipped to provide comprehensive SAP S/4 HANA solutions that will help you transform your business, drive simplification, enable real-time data for rapid decision-making, and deliver tangible business value.

Are you ready to 'RISE with SAP'?

Implementing SAP applications could be complex. RISE with SAP is a game-changing offering that brings together solutions and services you need for true business transformation in one package.

Our offerings

Finance Transformation

Making every CFO’s life easier. Qentelli offers you a team with global finance capability and experience that can perform an end-end greenfield implementation in an impressive track record.


Travel and Expense Management

Automating the process of capturing booking, expense, and invoice data to give you a complete overview. SAP Concur connects end-to-end TEM data to aid strategic decision making. Know more


SAP Implementation
Fueling Global EX Program with smart TEM System
SAP Implementation


June 09, 2022

Today, important activities are still manual driven which can lead to ineffective decision making

May 16, 2022


As an enterprise software leveraged by several companies for core business

March 03, 2022

Travel expenses represent a significant part of every organization’s budget.

Looking for reliable SAP S/4 HANA Applications implementation Partner?

To help organizations address their competitive landscape, Qentelli will assist in reimagining and re-engineering your business. Our SAP S/4HANA COE has focussed on developing accelerators, tools, frameworks, and repositories to help SAP customers seamlessly implement, migrate SAP S/4 HANA applications.