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Smoke Testing Services

Get access to high-quality smoke testing from an experienced and skilled team of software testers within a quick turnaround time. 

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Our Smoke Testing Services are comprised of a non-exhaustive set of smoke tests, which ensure that the newly deployed test build is testable and stable, saving testing effort and time. This also helps in identifying the defects at a very early stage, improving the quality of the software. Implement high-quality .  testing using our experienced resources

Key to our Smoke Testing Services

Experienced Software Testers: Our smoke testing team comprises some of the most qualified and experienced software testers who can take care of all your needs. We leverage the latest smoke testing tools and deliver top-notch services to clients around the globe.

Dedicated Manager: When you choose us as your smoke testing company, we will assign a dedicated manager for all your needs. This manager will be the single point of contact for all your needs and resolve any issues that you may have during the project.

Easily Scalable Services: We provide our clients with highly scalable services. We have the required bandwidth and skills to easily scale up the service requirements and increase the number of resources on the project as and when the client needs it.

Short Turnaround Time: Our team of software testers operates from different delivery locations spread in different time zones of the globe. This enables us to deliver quality smoke testing services within quick turnaround time.

Our Functional Testing as a Service ensures that your system is ready for release

Functional testing looks at what software is supposed to do and makes sure it actually does that because unexpected or problematic behavior of the software has real business implications. Qentelli's functional testing services aim to prevent that outcome by verifying your products' features work as intended.

Our Portfolio of Functional Testing Services

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Unit Testing

Validating each unit in the code in a way that it performs as per the set design.  Read More

Digital transformation services

Smoke Testing

Deploying the build over the testing environment and ensuring the stability of the application. Read More

Digital transformation services

User Acceptance Testing

Considering the end user tests the application and making sure that the application can handle tasks on real time basis. Read More


Interface Testing

Understanding how the modules of an application interact with one another to capture unseen flaws which are not identified on the surface. Read More


Usability Testing

This type of testing is done to improve designs, ensuring that your application is tested for all user types to check problems and confusion over experience. Read More

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System Testing

Checking system's compliance with specific requirement. Read More

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Regression Testing

Re-running the tests to ensure that the application still works well even after changes in the program or code. Read More



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Looking for a Smoke Testing Partner? 

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and expansive experience in the field of smoke testing makes us the ideal choice for outsourcing your smoke testing requirements. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient smoke testing service provider then contact us for details.

What is Smoke Testing?

Smoke Testing is performed to determine whether the developed software build is stable or not. It gives the go-ahead to the QA team to proceed with further software testing.

Why is Smoke Testing Important?

Quality product is what matters for enterprises today for which effective software testing is essential as it plays an important role in achieving quality. There are different types of software testing methods such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing, smoke testing, sanity testing, functional testing, non-functional testing types, etc. Out of these, smoke testing is a testing method that has its own prominence among these listed software testing methods.

Smoke testing has got its name from hardware repair systems wherein a smoke test is performed on pipelines to know whether they are working or not. Similarly, this smoke test is a quick test performed as a part of the software testing, to see if the application “catches on fire” when a new build is deployed and tested for the first time.

This type of testing is also named as build verification testing or build acceptance testing. Specifically, this should be the first method of software testing that needs to be executed when once any new code deployment or code update is done for software projects. 

Can Smoke Testing be Automated?

Smoke testing can be performed manually and, in a few cases, can also be automated.