Services Overview

With faster release and highest levels of Quality being the goal, our Quality Engineering approach is the Solution, whether you are agile or traditional in your methodology The Qentelli Way ensures your Application Teams deliver at the speed your business demands! At Qentelli, our Innovation Group that builds Tools, Frameworks, Accelerators that contribute in the pursuit of excellence and enable them to continue delivering sustained optimization through measurable productivity and efficiency gains backs Our Service Delivery.

Continuous Delivery

  • At Qentelli We believe Continuous Delivery can be achieved as a combination of Quality Engineering and DevOps.
  • Our CD services are a comprehensive offering with Solutions for Continuous Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, which includes Unit, Functional, Performance and Security, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Feedback and Monitoring.

Quality Intelligence

  • Understanding where things stand in the Application Engineering Lifecycle is only the beginning. Our Rules Engine tells you why, predicts the future releases and more!
  • True Quality Intelligence with Self-Learning algorithms that not just tell you what went wrong and why, but has the artificial intelligence built in to solve problems automatically. Oh yes, it is a patent pending product suite called Q2I Suite; Just what it stands for – Quality Intelligence!!

Quality Assurance

  • Consistency drives Quality is the philosophy we all carry at Qentelli. The Qentelli Way is a methodology tailored to your application lifecycle needs and is backed by our Technology and Process frameworks, Acceleration kits and more!
  • Our Services in this space include Enterprise Quality Strategy, Consolidation, Consulting and Implementation of QA Lifecycle Services (Functional Testing, Regression, Automated Testing, Performance Engineering, Security Engineering and More!)

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