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Navigating Through TED

Value Stream: Accessing the Dashboard

Value Stream is the primary streamline of the TED.

To have a quick view of your client’s dashboard; get on to the selection option to the right of the dashboard. Click on the dropdown arrow to get the list of all your client. Choose the client whose projects you need to monitor.

Dashboard View

TED provides a structured visualization of project data needed to understand and intelligently make improvements that optimize the entire end-to-end delivery process based on the selected Value Stream.

The project dashboard provides a comprehensive summary of the status of each project aligned with the Value Stream.


Select a Value Stream from the dropdown list.

The value streams populated in this list are initially established during the initial configuration including a set of pre-defined value streams.

To view VSM – Project Dashboard, continuing with step 1 – selecting the VSM, choose the corresponding project listed in the dropdown based on the VSM, for which you need to obtain the performance status.

The metrics derived get reflected on the dashboard specific to the selected project.