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Navigating Through TED

Active Compliance Management

ACM (Active Compliance Management) tab provides a comprehensive view of the programs set up in compliance with your organization's quality and security governance goals. 

TED’s robust ACM program allows data-driven monitoring to help your organization by providing the information necessary to support quality assurance, risk response decisions, security status information, and ongoing insights into security and quality control effectiveness.

The Program display is spilt into two tabs for providing a role-based view.

                Note: The All Programs tab can be viewed only by the Global Manager.

  1. My Programs – The project user can view all the programs that are assigned to him.

Each Program tile provides a piece of quick information like – the Value Stream it is associated to, the assigned Projects, and some quick icons for performing functional operations on the Program.


Executing ACM Program 

The execute icon helps in the execution of the program.  


Select the project(s) and the version to initiate the execution. You will receive the ACM notifications as the execution progresses.


ACM Program Operations

Each tile of the program has some quick icons that enable easy access to perform operations on the program.

The Details icon opens up the page containing the set of guidelines defined for a program under specific categories.  

Note: Categories are the areas that necessitate the Complaint Monitoring System based on the industry/business type. Guidelines define the standards to be followed within a specific category.

Using the Quick Icon, edit the ACM.

History provides a detailed record of the complaint monitoring operations performed on the assigned projects. In addition, it provides a detailed drilled-down summary of each execution.



On selecting the Execution ID, the execution specifics are revealed.



Schedule the automatic execution of the ACM program at a scheduled time or when they are triggered by a build completion.