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TED - Release Notes



TED 2.0.3

31 October 2022



This release notes document describes the functional capabilities and non-functional aspects covered in this initial release as of the date of release.


Functional Overview 

  1. Stripe payment gateway integrated 

  1. ACM – Programs management integrated 

  1. Domain tagging for metrics in dashboard 

  1. Custom formula builder integrated 

  1. Drag and drop functionality of metrics on the project dashboard 

  1. Pie charts to show some default values on the metric widget 

  1. Connectors integrated – Browserstack, Veracode, TestRail, Azure Pipelines, Azure TFS, ServiceNow, Qtest, Octopus Deploy  



  1. New design for client onboarding and initial setup – navigation problems 

  1. Project administrators and users can delete and add tags in the Metric Widgets section. 

  1. After performing metric assignment, some of the tools do not appear on the tools login page. 

  1. Tools are not displayed during onboarding on the Tools Login page. 

  1. New onboarding: Navigating to the next page is possible without importing projects. 

  1. Occasionally, "Error mapping projects" appears on the field mapping page. 

  1. Cannot configure ADO tool 

  1. VSM dashboard – The VSM dashboard page displays duplicate graphs. 

  1. Some options on the VSM dashboard page should be hidden from the Project administrator. 

  1. Metric export – When clicking on the Export button in the metric, the application becomes sluggish and the download takes too long.