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Configure TED: Initial Setup

Configure your dashboard

To leverage the tool, set up the TED dashboard for your company.

Assign Metrics

Assign Metrics in line with the Value Stream configuration to obtain a statistical representation of the insights derived by executing a set of pre-defined algorithms on the project data sets. Thus, you have a customized TED Dashboard.

To assign the metrics, perform the following steps:

1. Choose the project(s)

The first panel on the Metrics Assignment page lists all the projects grouped by value stream.

Choose the project(s) to which the metrics will be assigned.


2. Select the Metrics

The following step is to choose and assign matrices to the checked projects.

A Metric is a quantifiable measure or a set of computations that are used to track and assess the status of a specific business process. These are a set of pre-defined formulae.

The metrics in this section are split into two groups:

1. Recommended – includes widely used metrics within a specific value stream.

2. Out of the Box - contains all metrics associated with a value stream.

3. Select the tool

The next important step is to link selected metrics with the tool.

Select the tool from the list displayed in the Tools pane. These are external project management tools already integrated with TED.

Provide the credentials to log in and fetch the projects.

Choose the tool that applies to all the selected metrics.

4. Project Mapping

The next important step is to map the projects to the tools.

Tools are the key values or representative names used to denote the projects within the external project management tool.

5. Field Mapping

Map the APIs. Provide the API URL and the endpoints to connect with the data sources. Also, provide the source field and target fields based on the selected API methods.

To reconfigure the project management tools, select the tool from the tools list and provide the credentials.

Your TED Dashboard is now ready!