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Configure TED: Initial Setup

Configure your Dashboard

To leverage the tool, set up the TED dashboard for your company.

Step 2: License Type


TED offers two types of licenses that allow you to set up your organization in TED, track it, invite your client partners, and assist them to manage their businesses through TED.

Identify your company type.


TED has defined business in broad terms into two categories:

My Clients – entities that provide services to their clients and serve as an intermediary between clients.

My Company – companies are independent entities mainly set to make a profit.


Choose your company type to further proceed with the TED setup.

1. Setup My Clients

TED provides you with a facility of inviting your clients to access TED. Clients can use my company’s TED account and explore TED if it can be a useful product for their organization too.

On selection, you are taken to a page to invite your clients, where you are required to fill in your client’s information.



2. Setup My Company

Upon selecting My Company, takes you to the next step to proceed with the organizational setup.