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Configure TED: Initial Setup

Configure your dashboard

To leverage the tool, set up the TED dashboard for your company.

Step 5: Setup Value Stream

Once you have successfully configured your organizational setup and integrated the integrated project management tools, define the protocol or process flow of activities, specific within a domain - to visualize, analyze and improve all the steps in a product delivery process

The Get Started button takes you to the value stream configuration page.

Step1: Select the Domain

Select the domain for ­­­which you are willing to define a process. 

The domains are pre-defined with TED and are auto-populated.

Step 2: Select/Create a new Value Stream

When you choose a domain, a set of predefined Value Steams related to the domain is auto-populated.  Select and continue with the next step – to define steps.


You can create a new value stream if the predefined one does not serve your requirements.

To add a new Value Stream to the selected domain:

Step 3: Select/Create Process Steps for the selected Value Stream

Process steps are the sequence of activities within a value stream.

Like the domain, when you choose a value stream, a set of predefined process steps are auto-populated. Check the steps for adding them to the selected value stream.

Multiple steps can be checked and added to the selected value stream.


To add a new process step:

       1. Click on the add button at the bottom of the panel.

       2. Define the next process step.

       3. Save and continue.

Repeat the procedure to add more process steps.

Step 4: Define the System – Develop the plan in System

After defining the process steps, you will have to regulate the System.

System is the collection of interrelated components that are put together to complete a step in the value stream.


A system should be manually defined, and no pre-defined system is provided.





To create a system for the process step:


           1. Click on the add button at the bottom of the panel.

           2. Create a new system.

           3. Check to save and continue.

           Repeat the process to create more systems.

Step 5: Connect your projects to the Value Stream

Link your projects to the Value stream.


To continue with the Value Steam setup, you should have your projects imported from the project management tools. You cannot manually add your projects here.





The projects imported will be automatically listed in the Projects panel.  Select your projects from the list.


Import your projects here, if you have skipped this process earlier during the initial setup with TED. Alternatively, to import a new project


     To import the projects:

1. Click on the import button at the end of the projects panel. You will be redirected to the

    Import Projects page.

2. Select the project management tool, provide your login credentials and import your projects.

3. Now, connect your projects to the Value Streams that have been added to the projects panel.

Step 6: Preview the Value Stream setup

On the right, a preview pane presents a hierarchical preview of the defined value stream, together with the process stages, system, and linked projects.

Following completion of the value stream configuration, you will be redirected to the Initial Setup page, which indicates that the setup process was successful. To move on to the subsequent steps, click Continue.


The TED dashboard is now configured for your company.