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Navigating Through TED

Quick Access: Custom Navigation

Custom Navigation

The Custom Navigation Icons give you access to the often-used functions.



Notifications are messages to provide you with reminders, communication from other people, or other timely information from your app(s).

Tap the notification to open your app or take an action directly from the notification.

Slide the toggle button to filter out the latest notification. To view the notification pane in its entirety, click the expand icon.


The help icon makes it easier to access the TED support and provides you with additional guidance.

Quick Links

Find the help guides under this option to address your questions and provide additional passive support.

Quick Links opens to this page - TED Guide| Qentelli

Share Feedback

Communicate with your project members by sharing any feedback on a particular project or summarizing the various responses for a specific reviewer. This feedback is communicated internally.

On click, a feedback form is opened, allowing you to select a feedback topic from a drop-down list. Write your comment and on submit, you can share your feedback.


Get in touch with Qentelli for any need for additional support or any queries. Furthermore, you can raise a ticket from this section.  You can flexibly choose to drop a mail or even can call us on the contact number provided.  Your correspondence will be routed to Qentelli.

Call Us

Call Us allows you to get in touch with the Qentelli Helpdesk or provided your contact information, to have a Qentelli representative contact you for assisting you.

Mail Us

Write to Qentelli for any need for additional support or any queries.