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Navigating Through TED

Quick Access: Settings


The settings tab allows you to manage the basic information of your organization and projects. The following sections provide access to the customization options.

The settings are broadly grouped under three sections:

Global Settings allows setting actions within the platform which are applied to all applications/domains.


The Users feature lets you quickly scan listings of all users grouped by projects.

Enter the values given here.

Company Details

Get a quick snapshot of your company profile.

The Company Details page allows the option to update your company profile.


The Tiers section contains detailed information about your company’s subscription to TED.

Transaction History

This section contains a record of all the transactions completed in TED. You can also download the receipt of the transaction.

The General tab provides access to the project's general parameters and settings. Some of these parameters can be edited.


The Connectors pane displays a list of connectors associated with the projects. Easily bind or unbind a connector using a smart toggle button.


View/set up a schedule to sync with established connectors to receive timely updates on the status of your projects, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Email Settings

Update email settings to receive instant alerts.

Notification Channel

Manage your notification channel. Add a new channel to receive alerts.

Feedback Channel

Feedback is an effective tool for ensuring the success of a project. Configure your feedback path to successfully receive the project feedback. 

External Links

Connect to external links to have any reference information.

The organizational hierarchy - this section gives a comprehensive list of the VSMs available in your organizational system, with additional information about the project members tagged with each VSM.