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How is TED installed?

TED is an online-accessible SaaS based offering. The user must register via a link on the website before being granted access. It will not be necessary for the user to install it on their computer's hard drive.

TED is also available as an On-Premises model. To get an On-Premises TED model or to know the best suitable and please reach out to our team at


How to create a TED account?

You can self-sign up for a TED account by visiting TED - The Engineering Dashboard | Qentelli and creating an account that will enable you to create a demo account, to begin with.

You can also create an account by contacting the Qentelli sales team at Once you contact the sales team, they will assist you in selecting an appropriate license for your needs.


What is the period of the free trial?

Once you have created an account, you can utilize TED services for 15 days at no cost. At the conclusion of the trial period, you will be required to pay to continue using TED.


What membership options does TED offer?

Four different plan types are available for TED: Gold, Silver, Enterprise, and Demo.


How to upgrade my existing membership?

You can log in to TED with your existing account and upgrade it by choosing a membership plan and proceeding to the billing section.

Login -> Settings -> Billing


In TED, where is the data stored?

Data is stored using Qentelli's Cloud.

In the On-Prem paradigm – the entire data will reside in the client's could. 

In SaaS implementation - the data is stored in the AWS USA Virginia region data center. 


In the Paas paradigm - TED will be utilizing the Cybus network to store data.  

The security and data policies and retention policies will remain with your cadences. The private cloud of Cybus would host this part of TED. Security of that infrastructure will cascade into this as well.



How is the client database maintained in TED?

TED offers a separate database for each client. The data is all stored in MySQL.


What is the data retention period?

8 weeks is the typical retention period.


How does data deletion happen - after Service is terminated or upon customer demand?

Data archiving post-cancellation or suspension of a license would rely on the type of license the client purchases, which will have a predetermined time limit for data retention and clearance.


Do you provide technical help for managing tool credentials for each customer?

Yes. Qentelli will provide you with instructions on how to create credentials for each tool. Additionally, our technical experts will walk you through the process.