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Getting started on TED: Introduction

What is TED?

The Engineering Dashboard (TED) is a robust SaaS platform that combines data gathering and agile project data (metrics) management across many tools and projects, all of which can be seen on a single platform using Dashboards and Value Streams. TED enables users to keep a check on the project's Key Performance Metrics in real-time.

TED is built on a machine learning engine powered by Artificial Intelligence to address the issues associated with the lack of a single source of truth throughout the engineering lifecycle. It is built on big-data architecture.

Why TED?

This platform enables the creation of an Executive dashboard view comprised of Automated analysis through correlation and Observations for rapid turnaround. TED is highly configurable and customizable to suit the needs of any application engineering team and other functions as well.

Key features of TED


How to get on TED?

TED is a scalable SaaS solution. You can set up an account with TED by self-signing through the website, and creating a trial account to begin with.

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