Tresa Shaw

“There are two things I absolutely love about my job 1) the people I work with, and 2) flexibility to create a way of working that suits me. The people are amazing and the support system is incredible. The HR teams really cares and provides employee benefits and programs to make it easy for everyone to fit in.”

Tracy Peck

“Our management team is a great enabler towards offering new opportunities for learning and strengthening inherent skill sets. Qentelli is truly a “Best Place to Work” as the fabric of the organization is built by people who are self-motivated, disciplined, and constantly striving to achieve the best. I treasure my association with Qentelli.”

Craig O’ Neil

“Qentelli is absolutely an employee-centric with human capital being the prime focus. Our culture emphasizes on collaboration, teamwork, continuous improvement and customer centricity to deliver the most innovative solutions for our clients. It’s a perfect workplace where talent is respected, and achievements are celebrated.”