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Posted On 08 Jul 2018

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As we continue to go on road trips and travel this summer, we wanted to get a full view on which companies are leading the charge in making travel an easy experience for users, we decided to assess the car rental industry to see who is delivering the best when it comes to booking rentals.

Unlike our airline report, the car rental industry is much more competitive and neck and neck, see who outperformed who in our categories of Home Page Load, Search Response Time, Time on Task and Task Completion.

The key takeaways from this report can really be applied to any particular web or ecommerce site. The goal is to offer a quality experience with continuous delivery. Here are our top takeaways from Qentelli’s Car Rental report card.

–> Reduce the amount of requests sent with fewer components in the homepage, like javascripts, CSS and compressed images to make a lightweight UI to make your pages faster.

–> Reduce the number of images on search pages. Our winner Alamo, only had 13 compared to 25+ on other sites.

–> Sometimes bigger is better. A heavier page like Hertz’ comprehensive and powerful booking page gives customers a better user experience, despite being slightly slower to load. When searching by zip code they provide a map alongside, which helps the user visualize locations despite taking longer to load. However, its worth the wait.

–> Minimizing HTML & JS requests and compressing your images will quickly increase your speed.

–> Insert CSS resources directly into your HTML document to avoid rendering delays. Inlining CSS in this way allows the browser to proceed with rendering and speed up the load time.

How did we test all the sites (Methodology)?

How did we test the sites? All tests were executed on Qentelli’s Cloud Platform stages on Amazon AWS Cloud, with the server located on US East Coast – Northern Virgina. See Infographic for more details.

For more information, please contact us or Request a demo on how we can help deliver an optimal user experience quickly, efficiently and with continuous delivery.