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Posted On 30 Dec 2021

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For outmaneuvering current test automation solutions, Codeless Test Automation is the next focus area for Agile and DevOps teams. The Codeless Test Automation pairs business users with testing teams to address the current challenges of test automation. As a result, testing becomes a vital part of the entire SDLC, an organization-wide function, and responsibility. Given the scenario, testing leaders and organizations should re-evaluate their test automation tools and couple them with Codeless Automation tools.

As a relatively new concept, testers and their teams are searching for the right Codeless Automation tools. The right codeless test automation tools can help in matching the short iterations of the agile development cycle. We are listing some of our favorite tools for Codeless Test Automation that help testers to get started on the right foot for the Codeless Test Automation journey.


Testim is an end-to-end AI-based testing platform. It solves the two most pressing testing challenges–slow authoring and unstable tests because of fast-paced releases, changes in UI, and other factors. The Dynamic and Smart locators capture any changes in the Application Under Test (AUT) to generate and run tests automatically. Testim uses Machine Learning capabilities to author test, execute, and maintain them. This drastically reduces test creation and execution time by running thousands of tests parallelly. Testim integrates with existing CI/CD and collaboration tools, allowing teams to scale up testing quickly with the existing tool stack.  

With fully customized functionality, Testim is like a one-size-fits-all solution. Testim delivers ‘Shift-Left’ by providing the right collaboration format for developers and testers to work on respective branches without overwriting each other’s changes. The platform helps in automating tests in a simple, stable, and collaborative way. As per the users, it checks all the boxes of an ideal codeless testing platform.



MoBe is a no-code automation platform that helps modern continuous engineering teams deliver world-class digital experiences. MoBe integrates seamlessly into your EngineeringOps ecosystem, making it easy to automate your testing and validation processes.

MoBe is the perfect solution for teams that want to improve the quality of their software and deliver better experiences to their customers. MoBe is easy to use, scalable, reliable and affordable when compare to other products in the market. If you're looking for a no-code automation platform that can help you deliver world-class digital experiences, then MoBe is the perfect solution for you.


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AccelQ is an AI-Powered Codeless Test Automation tool that checks all the boxes of being an ideal solution. AccelQ can automate web, desktop, mainframes, and other applications with minimum time and effort speeding up the testing cycle. AccelQ draws the special attention of testing and Agile teams with its Natural English Coding and Self-Healing Capabilities. It can be integrated with popular and existing DevOps and Quality toolchains to provide a unified view of the complete Quality Engineering lifecycle.

To ensure a true Codeless experience for business users and domain specialists, AccelQ provides a simple and fast-to-develop UI. With features like Natural Language Programming, Intelligent Element Explorer, Extendible & Open Source Alignment, and Automated Test Generation, it is an instant hit among organizations.


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Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio takes the next position on our list. It is a 2020 Customers’ Choice in Software Test Automation and ranked as a Top Automated Software Testing. The recognitions sum up why we have it as a first ranker in our list. Katalon is a popular choice for its wide range of testing capabilities across APIs, Web, Mobile, and Desktop applications. Katalon studio’s features are easy-to-use for beginners and experienced testers. 

Katalon comes with a user-friendly interface for business users and testing experts. The record and playback functionalities, drag-and-drop commands, make it a true Codeless test automation tool. Testers can import external testing libraries and let the tool perform the execution, avoiding the need for building a framework from scratch.


Cloud QA

With the rise in cloud adoption, Agile teams are looking for exclusive cloud-based testing solutions. Cloud QA stands out as a powerful cloud-based codeless test automation platform. The platform claims to be much more than a Record and Playback tool and provides an integrated end-to-end testing experience. The inbuilt reporting tools quickly create and schedules regression testing suites and can develop, build, maintain, and execute tests.



Tricentis’s Tosca MBTA (Model-Based Test Automation) is a popular tool for continuous testing. It supports the entire lifecycle of the test project. TOSCA supports over 160 technologies with over 90% test automation rates reducing maintenance overhead. TOSCA provides a safety net of automated unit, code integration, test management functionalities to enable the testers to wrap up testing with the ongoing development iterations.

Gartner defines TOSCA as “A model-based approach supports test automation at the UI and API layers, service virtualization and exploratory testing. Productivity features such as UI and API scanning enable users to build a test repository with reusable assets that are automatically versioned.”


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Perfecto is another leading testing platform for web and mobile applications. It is a cloud-based automation solution with multiple supported devices, browsers, and OS combinations for mobile and web application testing. Perfecto has AI capabilities for error classifications, self-healing features to update test scripts continuously and run them with minimum maintenance.

Perfecto attempts to elevate digital experiences by optimizing continuous testing in the CI/CD processes. The cloud-based feature lets testers collaborate from anywhere. The advanced reporting capabilities ensure bug capture and detailed analysis of fixes in the early stages of SDLC. According to Forrester, “Perfecto is a strong enterprise choice, with improved parallel testing capabilities and high-level performance test execution at scale with enterprise-grade security.” 


Curiosity Software

Curiosity Software offers Open Testing Platform solution with an integrated Test Modellers and Test Data Automation. This provides testing teams the freedom to integrate it with any test automation tool of their choice, Curiosity Software takes care of generating test data automatically.

The highlight of Curiosity Software is the Test Modeller concept. Test Modeller concept overcomes challenges of generating accurate test scripts and data with the visual models. It comprises UI scanner, test importers, and re-usable test models to build flowcharts. This creates new tests for systems under test, generating end-to-end testing, enabling testing teams to work on meaningful tasks. Business testers and coders can generate tests from the re-usable testing code libraries. Visual models help non-testers to generate test suites for new codes from the existing code templates. This allows continuous testing for every sprint, eliminating delays in release cycles.



Leapwork is another cloud-based, codeless test automation tool and supports multiple types of applications like Web, Windows, SAP, and more. Automation is the cornerstone of Leapwork and they implemented it with default libraries and pre-defined building blocks, helping teams to save time and improve productivity. 


Honorable Mention

Apart from these Top 10 tools, we found Rapise, a next-generation software as one of the emerging tools in the Codeless Test Automation space.


Rapise considered as the next-generation software leverages the power of open source and extensible architecture. Like many other tools, it supports a wide variety of applications like web, mobile, desktop, and APIs. With a record and editing functionality, it lets testers record and edit tests with an easy-to-use spreadsheet-based editor. The easy-to-use editor allows testers to change the test and execute them.


Our Perspective about Codeless Test Automation

While there are mature tools and solutions available in the market for Codeless Test Automation, nothing can substitute for the right team culture and on-the-mark execution strategy. There is no silver bullet for choosing the right tools for your codeless test automation and there is no single tool that works for every team.

We recommend approaching Codeless Test Automation practice by:

Qentelli offers various engagement models like hiring poly-skilled people or establishing new testing processes with the latest technologies including Codeless Test Automation tools like AccelQ, Cloud QA, Testim, TOSCA MBTA, and others. This helps our clients to run their testing programs well on budget, on-time, and deliver high-quality applications. Want to know about the right Codeless tool that can be integrated into your current testing function, email us at