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CI-CD Services Posts

Guide to Service Virtualization - Tools, Use Cases & More
December 06, 2021

Time Lag is every software team’s nightmare, and Service Virtualization is a savior!

CI/CD Methodology
September 05, 2019

Every Organization today is embarking on a DevOps Initiative to accelerate delivery of Business value by IT.

Moving from CI to CD – Qentelli Way to Successful DevOps
July 09, 2018

Enterprises want to innovate at faster pace, to match expectations from end users, and to beat competition.

Continuous Delivery World
July 09, 2018

Security and Compliance in the world of everything “Continuous” can be frightening to most of the engineering and IT heads.

The Art of Continuous Delivery
July 08, 2018

One of the major tasks today for IT teams globally is to deliver at a speed that their customers demand while maintaining a quality that far exceed