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Customer Experience Posts

Customer Journey Map and Product Roadmap
September 28, 2020
As part of my 3-article series on Product Management, this article talks about Customer Journey Map .....
Demystifying Customer Experience
August 14, 2020
The definition of Customer Experience by the book is: CX is how a customer or an end-user perceives....
Customer Experience Metrics
August 14, 2020
At Qentelli, we work with clients in different stages of Digital Transformation initiatives exploring the ways to drive ....
IoT Applications: Improving performance at the Edge
January 26, 2020

While the future with smart technologies look exciting, yet at the backdrop companies are working with an exhaustive state-of-the-art overview to i

better Digital Customer Experience (CX)
October 01, 2019

Digital touch points drive business revenues in the applications era.